Stacia Gordon in a field with mountains behind her.

Stacia Gordon

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I study the magnitude and timing of the thermal, chemical, and rheologic changes that affect the Earth's lithosphere as a result of plate-tectonic processes. The materials that I study originate from shallow, middle, and ultra-deep levels of the Earth's crust. My research focuses upon the role of deformation, recrystallization, melting, and fluid infiltration throughout the crust by working at field and laboratory scales that range from sub-micron isotopic analysis of minerals to orogen-scale, interdisciplinary integration of field, analytical, and geodynamic modeling data. I apply a combination of metamorphic petrology, geochronology, and geochemistry to deep crustal rocks. Currently, I have active projects in the North Cascades, Washington; the Western Gneiss Region, Norway; the D'Entrecasteaux Islands, Papua New Guinea; and Bhutan.

Professional Experience

  • 2009, Postdoctoral Researcher, UC-Santa Barbara
  • 2009-2010, Assistant Researcher, UC-Santa Barbara


  • Ph.D. 2009, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities; geology
  • B.S. 2004, Ohio University; geology