IX. Conferences


Discuss with your advisor to reach an understanding of the degree to which you will be supported (financially and otherwise) to participate in conferences related to your research, and which conferences will be most beneficial to attend. To receive project funds, you must complete a Spend Authorization in WorkDay before all work-related travel; ideally, this happens 2 weeks before you travel (and >1 month before international travel). The Geoscience unit administrators can help with putting together the spend authorization. You can either pay conference and travel fees and be reimbursed or ask your advisor to pay for some of the travel expenses with their purchasing card (note that p-cards cannot be used for accommodations). In either case, you are expected to register for the conference as a student and in advance to obtain discounted registration fees. You will fly economy class and book reasonably priced accommodation. If traveling to a new city you are unfamiliar with, speak with your colleagues, advisor, or conference organizer to ensure you are booking accommodations in a safe location. We recommend booking no later than 1 month in advance of the conference, and preferably earlier to obtain the lowest cost travel costs and accommodations.

Expectations and requirements

It is recommended that conference abstracts should be shown to all co-authors at least one week before the abstract deadline. Upon acceptance (or rejection) of your abstract, you must inform all coauthors of the outcome as soon as possible. Ideally, a near-final draft should be completed two weeks before the date of the presentation in order to receive feedback from your advisor. Presentation and publishing ethics, both of which are at least partly captured by the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE), state that all authors must approve submission and presentation of work bearing their names. The same applies to papers (see above).