Geosciences seminars

The Department of Geological Sciences and Engineering (DGSE) maintains an outstanding seminar program with invited speakers of international stature, which enables our graduate students to interact with leaders and innovators in their fields. DGSE seminars are open to the local and University geoscience community eager to learn about the latest topics in geological science and engineering research.

Spring 2024 seminar schedule

All seminars are on Monday at 4 p.m. and will be conducted in-person in SEM 234. Flyers with titles and abstracts are typically distributed about one week before the talk. Please email the Department to be added to the announcement distribution list. Contact Joel Scheingross for questions.

Spring 2024 Seminar Schedule
Date Seminar title Presenter Affiliation
1/22/2024 Overview of seminar course for enrolled students Joel Scheingross University of Nevada, Reno
1/29/2024 Inside IODP: Tales of Tectonics at the Nankai Trough and the Culture of Scientific Ocean Drilling Jonathan Lewis (IODP Speaker) Indiana University of Pennsylvania
2/5/2024 The Minerals Industry and Climate Change Mitigation; a vital partnership Simon Jowitt University of Nevada, Reno
2/26/2024 The Assembly of Pangea, a View from Laurentia: Paleozoic Orogenies and their Impact on Basin Evolution and Petroleum Systems Kurt Rudolph (AAPG Distinguished Lecturer) Exxon Mobil
3/11/2024 Upper-plate response to ridge subduction and oceanic plateau accretion: Insights into plate tectonic evolution of the Pacific Northwest in the Paleogene Bob Miller San Jose State University
3/18/2024 Interacting faults and intersecting lifelines Ken Hudnut (Slemmons Lecture) Southern California Edison
4/1/2024 Before the Big Boom: The Pre-Eruptive Lives of Supereruptions Ayla Pamukcu Stanford
4/8/2024 Over 110 Million Years of Samoan Hotspot Volcanism: Insights into Mantle Plume Dynamics Kevin Konrad University of Nevada, Las Vegas
4/15/2024 Making sense of shear zone fabrics that record multiple episodes of deformation: electron backscatter diffraction and crystallographic vorticity axis analysis-enhanced petrochronology Elena Miranda CSU-Northridge
4/22/2024 Causes and consequences of dynamic erosion thresholds in gravel bed rivers Claire Masteller Washington University in St. Louis
4/29/2024 DGSE Graduate Student Presentations:

1. Characterization and Analysis of a Potential Hidden Geothermal Resource in the Jersey Summit Area, Pershing, and Lander Counties, North-Central Nevada

2. How do waterfalls alter landscapes?

3. Applying U-Th Disequilibrium for Dating Siliceous Sinter at El Tatio Geothermal Field in Northern Chile
1. Quentin Burgess

2. Sophie Rothman

3. Lauren Sankovitch
University of Nevada, Reno