XIV. A Final Word

The faculty hope that this handbook will be helpful to you. It is our intent that this written record of what is required of both students and faculty involved in our graduate programs will encourage fruitful and enjoyable interactions in our Department. Please feel free to discuss any aspect of the graduate program with your Advisor, the Graduate Program Director, and the Department Chair. If you find aspects of this document that need clarification or revision, be sure to let the faculty know so that we can improve the handbook for the next edition.  Good luck in your graduate studies!

Note: This handbook lists graduate program academic policies and procedures. It includes information on graduate school policies, degree requirements, timeline for degree completion, committee selection guidelines and comprehensive exam/thesis requirements. Every effort has been made to make this handbook accurate as of the date of publication; however, this handbook does not constitute a contractual commitment. Graduate programs may not offer all of the courses as described, and policies are subject to yearly review and changes with program director and Graduate Council approval.

Graduate Student Association

The Graduate Student Association (GSA) represents all graduate students and promotes the welfare and interests of the graduate students at the University of Nevada, Reno. The GSA works closely with appropriate university administrative offices, including the Graduate School and Student Services and reports to the President of the University. The GSA government functions through the Council of Representatives, Executive Council and established committees.

Graduate School Forms

All forms are available at The Graduate School website.

Parts of this Graduate Handbook borrow heavily and are modified from five open source Codes of Conducts: (i) BahlaiLab CoC (Christine Bahlai); (ii) WhitakerLab (Kirstie Whitaker); (iii) Hill Lab (Jon Hill); (iv) Krevorlab (Sam Krevor); (v) MicroMicEng (Ben Britton); Imperial College Basins Research community (Chris Jackson).