XI. Communication

Everyone (you, your advisor, etc.) is expected to provide timely communication. Please give consideration to the timing of the email with respect to what the recipient needs to do; for example, try not to send an email at 5:59 p.m. for something that is required for a 10:00 a.m. meeting the next day. No lab members are required nor should feel obliged to reply to email outside of their typical work hours. However, prompt replies to emails, within these times, are helpful. As described above, students please ensure that you provide sufficient time for your advisor, colleagues, and/or committee members to provide feedback to you. Also, recognize that you may need to go through several drafts of a document (e.g., thesis proposal, abstract, manuscript) before it will be complete. Faculty and staff, please provide feedback in a timely manner that is not inhibiting the forward progress of the student.  If there are problems with communication, please discuss with the Graduate Director and/or Geoscience leadership.

Also note that laboratories are shared spaces that many people will be using. Therefore it is pertinent that you contact the laboratory manager well in advance (recommended at least two weeks) to schedule time to use a lab or facility. You cannot expect to use a lab or have a lab manager bend over backward if you need something on short notice. Also, note that there may be different rules and codes of conduct within specific labs. Please ask the laboratory manager about these rules and codes.