Faculty seeking graduate students for Fall 2022

Below is a list of faculty from the Department of Geological Sciences and Engineering, the Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology, and the Nevada Seismological Laboratory that are seeking graduate students to start in fall 2022. The list includes information on whether the faculty member is seeking master's and/or doctoral student(s) and the types of funded research projects available. For further information, please reach out to the individual faculty member. More information on the faculty can be found on the department faculty page.

Assistant Professor Wenrong Cao

Seeking multiple master's and doctoral students for a project on tectonics and magmatism in the Gangdese arc, Tibet, and/or the Sierra Nevada arc, California; big data visualization of the paleo-Earth; or numerical modeling of magma intrusion and emplacement.

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Assistant Professors Philipp Ruprecht and Michael Gardner (co-advisors)

Seeking a doctoral student for an NSF-funded project in Lassen Volcanic National Park on the temporal evolution of mafic magmatic enclaves and their disintegration.

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Assistant Professor Michael Gardner 

Seeking a doctoral student for a project on liquefaction triggering assessment using coupled fluid-solid interaction simulations to train reduced-order models.

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Assistant Professor Kaitlin Keegan

Seeking a doctoral student for an NSF-funded project investigating firn densification and microstructure at Taylor Dome, Antarctica.

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Assistant Professors Carolina Muñoz-Saez and Matthieu Harlaux (co-advisors)

Seeking a master's student for a project on groundwater chemistry and hydrologic modeling for environmental risk assessment in Clayton Valley, NV.

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Assistant Professor Andrew Zuza

Seeking a doctoral student for a project on structure/tectonics in metamorphic core complex or large-scale thrust belts.

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Assistant Professor Jim Faulds

Seeking a master's student for possible geothermal projects.

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Assistant Professor John Muntean

Seeking multiple master's students for a project on economic geology projects.

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