Pooja Sheevam headshot

Pooja Sheevam

Ph.D. candidate, Geology, SAGE President


My name is Pooja and my thesis involves looking at altered Hawaiian drill core as a terrestrial analog to early Martian alteration. I specialize in infrared spectroscopy, however, in order to be successful geologist, I must be versatile in both setting and discipline. I sometimes accompany others in the field for in situ spectral validation using a portable Exoscan, and take any opportunity to attend sponsored field trips. I also am familiar with various lab procedures and analytical methods that include infrared spectroscopy, scanning electron microscope, and x-ray fluorescence. I make it a priority to retain analytical resources available to me, and use python, ENVI and ArcGIS in my research. My dissertation is more than "alteration of basalts". It requires that I understand groundwater systems of an ocean island, geothermal systems, basic aqueous geochemistry, and planetary geology. I leverage my communication skills to enrich my department and the public through DEI initiatives and outreach.

When I am not working on my thesis, you can find me at the dog park, or getting a hike in, with my lab assistant Molé. I believe in being a part of the community you live in, so I volunteer with the local Rotary Club. I am also a member of our local homebrew club - making award winning homebrew. My goals this year are to further my education in beer (cicerone), and wine (sommelier) tasting. I also currently am training for a stronger body.

Research interests


  • Aqueous alteration
  • Aqueous geochemistry
  • Reflectance spectroscopy
  • Planetary geology
  • Hydrothermal systems
  • Basalts


  • Climate change
  • Oceanography
  • Terroir
  • Remote sensing


  • B.A. in Geology with minors in Physics and Atmospheric and Oceanic Science, University of Colorado at Boulder