Jordan Krcmaric in the field

Jordan Krcmaric

M.S. in Geophysics He/him/his


My interest in the Geodesy started after my undergraduate career, when I began working for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration as a Geodesist in 2017. Since then, I have learned a tremendous amount about the field of Geodesy and its application for helping answer a wide variety of questions in different scientific fields. I have come to the University of Nevada, Reno to continue my education in geophysics and applied geodesy, working with Dr. Corné Kreemer in the Nevada Geodetic Laboratory. My project will focus on characterizing the noise content in GPS time-series around the Great Lakes region of the United States.

Research interests

  • Geophysics
  • GPS Time-Series Analysis
  • Global Geodetic Reference Frames
  • Hydrological Loading on the Earth's Surface
  • Physical Geodesy


  • B.S. in Geophysics, University of Arizona, 2016