Andrea Buian in a desert landscape

Andrea Buian

Ph.D. in Igneous Petrology/Economic Geology He/him/his


Approached geology from early ages, given my passion for outdoor activities like hiking, skiing, camping and taking trips into nature. I started my academic career in Italy where I was able to develop my passion for volcanoes and Earth Mantle. I achieved both my Bachelor and Master degree studying how Mantle and primitive magma genesis works with all their features and characteristics, according to the geodynamic environments.

My Ph.D. project involve McDermitt Caldera, trying to trace Li as it partitions into the melt and fluid phase during differentiation and its mobility during hydrothermal overprinting.

Research interests

  • Igneous petrology
  • Mantle source/reservoir for ultradeep magmas
  • Geodynamic
  • Volcanology


  • Bachelor Degree in Geological Sciences at Ferrara University (Italy) in 2019
  • Master Degree in Geological Technologies and Sciences at Florence University (Italy) in 2021