Geosciences seminars

The Department maintains an outstanding seminar program with invited speakers of international stature, which enables our graduate students to interact with leaders and innovators in their fields. DGSE seminars are open to the local and university geoscience community eager to learn about the latest topics in geological science and engineering research.

Spring 2021 seminar schedule

All seminars are on Monday at 4 p.m. and will be conducted via Zoom in Spring 2021. Flyers with titles and abstracts are typically distributed ~1 week before the talk. Please email the Department to be added to the announcement distribution list. If you do not wish to be on the distribution list but want to receive the Zoom link for this talk, you may also email Paula Noble to receive the link.

Individual Zoom links to each seminar may be requested by emails listed below in the "Request Zoom Link Email" column of the seminar table.

Spring 2021 Seminar Schedule
Date Seminar title Presenter
2/01/2021 Structure-From-Motion & Terrestrial Laser Scanning: Computational Imaging Tools for modeling Earth and structures  Robert Kayen, UC Berkeley
2/08/2021 Anthropocene: Source to Sink Jaia Syvtski,  CU Boulder
2/22/2021 Record of fluid-rock interaction on a long-lived subduction channel Kennet Flores, Brooklyn college
3/01/2021 Application of Refraction Microtremor Towards Understanding Geotechnical Sub-Surface Ground Conditions Aasha Pancha, Aurecon NZ and Victoria University
3/08/2021 From the mantle to mammals: quantifying Earth surface processes from the terrestrial sedimentary record of Anatolia (Turkey) Maud Meijers, Senkenberg Research Institute
03/29/2021 Out of sight, out of mind? Below ground response to environmental change and cultural transformations in the geoscience Erika Marin-Spiotta, Univ. Wisconsin Madison
04/05/2021 Large-scale landslides in the Basin and Range Dan Sturmer, Univ. Cincinatti
04/12/2021 The Perseverance rover: First results from NASA's search for life in Jezero crater Briony Horgan, Purdue University
04/19/2021 Dating deformation, fluid-rock interactions, and seismicity in the rock record Margo Odlum, Utah State University
04/26/2021 Development of modern ocean circulation during the Cenozoic Jim Wright, Rutgers Univ
05/03/2021 Dust in the Wind: Investigating Past and Present Dust Deposition in the Uinta Mountains, Utah Jeff Munroe, Middlebury College