Geosciences seminars

The Department maintains an outstanding seminar program with invited speakers of international stature, which enables our graduate students to interact with leaders and innovators in their fields. DGSE seminars are open to the local and university geoscience community eager to learn about the latest topics in geological science and engineering research.

Fall 2021 seminar schedule

All seminars are on Monday at 4 p.m. and will be conducted either in-person in DMSC 102 or virtually over Zoom in Fall 2021. In-person talks will also be broadcast over Zoom, and live attendance will be limited to allow for proper social distancing. Flyers with titles and abstracts are typically distributed ~1 week before the talk. Please email the Department to be added to the announcement distribution list. If you do not wish to be on the distribution list but want to receive the Zoom link for a talk, you may also email Mike Darin to receive the link.

Fall 2021 Seminar Schedule
Date Seminar title Presenter Talk Format
9/13/2021 A 3.5 billion-year record of deep-ocean dissolved O2 from the oxidation state of iron in submarine basalts Daniel Stolper, UC Berkeley In-person + Virtual
9/20/2021 Earthquake deformation in a viscoelastic Earth: Subduction zones and strike-slip faults Kelin Wang, Geol. Survey of Canada Virtual
9/27/2021 Climate change and critical metals; the vital role of the minerals industry in the transition to a low-CO2 future Simon Jowitt, UNLV In-person + Virtual
10/4/2021 Mafic contributions to the upper crust of continental volcanic arcs: a case study of ultramafic fractionation at Emigrant Gap, Sierra Nevada, California Juliet Ryan-Davis, Caltech In-person + Virtual
10/18/21 (Noon) The Moon as an archive of collisional processes in the Solar System: New Views from Apollo samples and lunar meteorites Katherine Joy, Univ. of Manchester, UK Virtual
11/1/2021 Open-system behavior in a crustal-scale magma column, Klamath Mountains, California Cal Barnes, Texas Tech In-person + Virtual
11/22/2021 Discovery of the Orocopia Schist in the northern Plomosa Mountains and ongoing investigations into Laramide subduction & metamorphism in west-central Arizona Nikki Seymour, Stanford In-person + Virtual
12/6/21 Exploring the fate of CO2 and subsurface microbial activity within ultramafic rocks undergoing active hydration and carbonation Alexis Templeton, CU Boulder Virtual