Pooja Sheevam holding a snowboard in a snowy parking lot.

Pooja Sheevam

Ph.D. student, Geology, SAGE undergraduate representative


Young geologist with big ideas and even bigger personality.

I am a first generation student, on track to get my PhD at the University of Nevada - Reno under Dr. Wendy Calvin. My personal interests are in areas of water-rock interactions, aqueous alteration, and data analysis. I hope my work can lead us to a better understanding of surface/shallow-depth geologic processes on Earth and other planetary objects. My current work focuses on studying drill core from the Humu'ula Saddle in Hawaii as a hydrothermal, hydraulic, and alteration analogue to Mars.

Other areas of study I am passionate about are climate change and dynamics, oceanography, water quality, statistics, and computer science. When I am not being an academic, you can find me at the dog park, hiking, enjoying a local happy hour, gardening, watching The Office *again* , or planning my next big trip.

Some external affiliations are with the Rotary Club of Reno, Graduate Student Alliance and other grad student social clubs, and I hope to get involved with more peer mentorship programs in the near future.

Research interests

Low-Temp Aqueous Alteration, Hydrothermal Alteration, Hydrology, Spectroscopy, Planetary Geology, Weathering Processes, Climate Science, Ocean Geochemistry.


  • University of Colorado - Boulder: Bachelor of Arts in Geology. Minor in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences.