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John Louie, Ph.D.


John Louie

Contact Information


  • Ph.D. 1987, Caltech
  • B.A. 1982, Occidental

Research Areas:

Imaging and characterization of subsurface structures and conditions in seismically difficult areas; high-resolution seismic experiments; model constraint with independent geophysical and geological data; tomography and monte-carlo optimization techniques; resource exploration and development; geological hazards assessments; earthquake fault characterization; site characterization; earthquake-shaking computation through 3D geological models, seismic-hazard and risk assessment and mitigation.

Relevant past experience:

Over twenty years university teaching and research experience in geophysics. Many graduates with B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. degrees in Geophysics and Hydrogeology. Published with students several well-cited papers on innovations in seismic imaging of earthquake faults in California, Nevada, and New Zealand. Developed over the last 10 years a faster and more efficient site-assessment survey technique for earthquake-hazard evaluation. The refraction microtremor technique, a Nevada-owned technology, has been successfully commercialized by graduates and has become a standard engineering survey method worldwide. Research on this technology continues, focusing on measuring thousands of sites in California, Nevada, and New Zealand. Posted open-source software for seismic processing and for 3D earthquake-scenario shaking computation. Organized a Community Seismic Modeling Environment for Nevada.

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