Affinity Groups

The College of Liberal Arts facilitates and supports interdisciplinary affinity working groups that recommend new directions and action plans for creating optimal conditions for the continued growth and success of diverse students, faculty and staff, as well as research, academic programming, outreach and community engagement relevant to each group.

The following working groups were established between 2019 and 2021:

And the following will be established between 2021 and 2023:

  • Disability Studies Working Group
  • Islamic Studies Working Group
  • Jewish Studies Working Group

These affinity working groups focus on a variety of important areas, including but not limited to: making recommendations to improve faculty, staff and student recruitment and retention, removing structural barriers and inequities that impede the personal and professional growth of individuals from these groups and facilitating research, teaching and programming in each area. These groups are interdisciplinary and designed to facilitate collaborations between colleagues who can focus on key issues relevant to each affinity group while also exploring interconnected topics, like race, gender, sexuality, immigration, antiracism and social justice.

For more information or to join any of these working groups, please contact Daniel Enrique Pérez, Associate Dean of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.