Outstanding researcher award

The University's Outstanding Researcher Award was first presented in 1975 and has been awarded on an annual basis. Recipients of the award must fit specific criteria that the Outstanding Researcher committee takes into account.

The criteria includes a significant amount of work being done by the nominee with recognition given to the university, and clear evidence of national and/or international stature. The nominee's curriculum vitae should include refereed papers, presentations, monographs, books or any other type of critically reviewed activity, and any other awards and honors the nominee may have received. In the areas where research grants are recognized as an important part of the research effort, there must be clear evidence that the nominee has been competitive for such grants at the national and/or international level. The committee will consider both the quality and quantity of the nominee's work, throughout his/her academic career.

The committee that chooses the recipient is comprised of the award's past five honorees.

Outstanding Researcher Award Winners
Year Researcher Field
1975 Hyung Kyu Shin Chemistry
1976 R.A. and Beatrix Gardner Psychology
1977 Thomas Cargill Economics
1978 David Lightner Chemistry
1979 Baldev Vig Biology
1980 Larry Scott Chemistry
1981 Alan S. Ryall Seismology
1982 No award was given in 1982 -
1983 William H. Jacobsen, Jr. English
1984 Gary Blomquist Biochemistry
1985 Bruce Douglas Civil Engineering
1986 Bruce Blackadar Mathematics
1987 Paul McReynolds Psychology
1988 Thomas J. Nickles Philosophy
1989 David Westfall Pharmacology
1990 Morris Brownell* English
1991 Kenton Sanders Physiology
1992 John Sutko Pharmacology
1993 Robert Merrill English
1994 Joseph Hume Physiology
1995 Catherine S. Fowler Anthropology
1996 Manoranjan Misra Chemical Metallurgical Engineering
1997 Steven C. Hayes Psychology
1998 Dorothy Hudig Microbiology
1999 William Douglass Basque Studies
2000 M Saiid Saiidi Civil Engineering
2001 Donald L Hardesty Anthropology
2002 Kathleen Keef Physiology & Cell Biology
2003 Donald Fowler Historic Pres
2004 David Schooley Biochemistry
2005 Ann Ronald English
2006 Faramarz Gordaninejad Mechanical Engineering
2007 Peter Goin Art
2008 Iain L. O. Buxton Pharmacology
2009 Bruce Moran History
2010 James Brune Seismology
2011 Michael Webster Psychology
2012 Thomas Kozel Microbiology & Immunology
2013 John Cushman Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
2014 David M. Leitner Chemistry
2015 Andrei Derevianko Physics
2016 Mae S. Gustin Natural Resources & Environmental Sciences
2017 Wei Yan Physiology & Cell Biology
2018 Jeffrey Harper Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
2019 Peter Sebaaly Civil and Environmental Engineering