Nutrition student Bryce Hunt highlighted by Nevada Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

"Bryce Hunt is a nutrition student at UNR specializing in dietetics.

Bryce currently has two jobs in addition to finishing his degree. He works at Renown Rehab Hospital as a Nutrition Representative. He also works at a Nutrition Microbiome Research Lab on campus under the guidance of Dr. Steven Frese. Over the past year, Bryce has also volunteered at various food collectives and non-profits such as Eddy House (a Reno-based nonprofit that provides housing and support for homeless youth), Urban Roots (a small community farm that educated children and families on crops and foods), and the Food Bank of Northern Nevada.

Bryce wants to become an RD because he loves sharing knowledge. To make a difference in the community once he becomes an RD, Bryce wants to have a hand in making nutrition literacy more attainable.

In his spare time, Bryce likes to hike, walk, cook, ferment various foods (like cider, kombucha, and sauerkraut), and start projects."

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University of Nevada, Reno President Brian Sandoval and UNLV President Keith Whitfield shake hands.
University of Nevada, Reno Extension and UNLV join forces to tackle Clark County community challenges

Extension invests more than $1.7 million in strategic partnership to address pressing issues

Angeline Jeyakumar.
Nutrition specialist brings global approach to managing chronic health conditions

Angeline Jeyakumar aims to drive healthy nutrition choices in Nevada

Associate Professor Melinda Yerkaoutside next to one of her sorghum varieties.
Nevada researcher aims to improve sorghum hybrids for dairy cattle feed

University of Nevada, Reno researcher develops one of the largest and most nutritious sorghum hybrids

David St Jules working with a student on measuring a person's nutritional status.
A new way of looking at malnutrition assessment

University of Nevada, Reno researcher leads team to reframe and add to tools used by clinicians

In a hospital, a woman in a bright red shalwar kameez dress and dupattā shawl spoon-feeds an emaciated infant in her lap.
University scientists conduct, shed light on microbiome research to help impoverished children grow

Changing children’s digestive tract microbes key to reducing disease, improving health

David St-Jules.
University of Nevada, Reno nutritionists honored by Nevada Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

David St-Jules named Nevada Outstanding Dietitian, Deborah Joakimson Recognized Dietetic Technician and Shauna Tavcar Outstanding Dietetic Student

Assistant Professor Steven Frese runs a hands-on and delicious cheese lab with students in the updated space.
University of Nevada, Reno celebrates remodeled space for promoting nutrition knowledge and healthy living

Modernized lab increases future nutrition professionals' expertise, community impact

Ginger root with spoons of powdered spices.
What spices and foods can help with anxiety and stress?

Certain foods and nutrients may help support your body in reducing anxiety and improving how your body handles stress

Stone Jamison in black scrubs standing in front of University Medical Center's ambulance entrance.
Universities team up to train dietetic interns, improve community health in southern Nevada

College of Agriculture, Biotechnology & Natural Resources collaborates with UNLV and other community partners to provide nutrition education in Clark County

Steven Frese.
Nevada researcher studying gut microbiomes in hopes of improving health

Aim is to uncover how Nevadans’ lives affect the microbes in their digestive tract and their health

A plate of cooked salmon with vegetables.
Food and nutritional toxicology subject of Department of Nutrition course

Elective has something to offer for students from various majors

A glass of fresh-squeezed orange juice on a table next to fresh orange slices
What's important to know about fruit-flavored drinks? | ¿Qué es importante saber sobre las bebidas con sabor a frutas?

100% fruit juice is a healthier choice | El jugo 100% de frutas es una opción más saludable

A glass of homemade raspberry flavored water with green garnish
What’s important to know about flavored waters sold in stores? | ¿Qué es importante saber sobre las aguas saborizadas que se venden en las tiendas?

Not all flavored waters sold in stores are healthy choices | No todas las aguas saborizadas que se venden en las tiendas son opciones saludables

A bottle of milk and a glass of milk with a brightly colored straw sitting on a wooden table
How can I help my family make healthier drink choices? | ¿Como puedo ayudar a mi familia a elegir bebidas más saludables?

It’s as simple as Whoa, Slow, Go! | ¡Es tan simple como Whoa, Slow, Go!

Three sugary fruity drinks in canning jars, each with a colorful bendy straw
How do sugary drinks affect weight? | ¿Cómo afectan al peso las bebidas azucaradas?

Three reasons why sugary drinks may increase weight gain | Tres razones por las cuales las bebidas azucaradas pueden causar aumento de peso

A hand holds a full coffee mug by the handle above a wooden table
Should kids have drinks with caffeine? | ¿Deben tomar bebidas con cafeína los niños?

Caffeine can be over-looked by parents and others that care for small children | Cafeína puede que sea pasada por alto por los padres y otras personas que cuidan a los niños pequeños

David Wilson
David Wilson remembered for innovative cancer research in nutrition field

Wilson worked extensively with the University for over 20 years in the Department of Nutrition

Two glasses of water on a wood table next to a green garnish, one glass with red raspberries and one with blueberries.
Healthy drinks during quarantine | Bebidas saludables durante la cuarentena

To help keep your family hydrated and feeling their best during this time, skip the sugary drinks | Para ayudar a mantener a su familia hidratada y a sentirse lo mejor posible durante este tiempo omita las bebidas azucaradas

eggs in a carton
Meeting COVID-19 challenges: Understand dates on food labels before discarding

With some items becoming harder to come by, University of Nevada, Reno nutritionist offers clarification

Boy holding plate of dairy while girl points to dairy section of MyPlate graphic
What should we be eating to help us resist the coronavirus?

University of Nevada, Reno dietitian provides research-based information

Two bottled drinks, one clear and one red
How do I tell if there’s added sugar in my drink? ¿Cómo puedo saber si mi bebida contiene azúcar agregado?

Reading the ingredients list is the best way to tell if your drink has added sugar. | La mejor manera de saber si su bebida contiene azúcar agregado es leer la lista de ingredientes.

boy drinking water from a bottle with a straw
How much water does my family need? ¿Cuánta agua necesita mi familia?

Water needs vary by age, sex, physical activity level and environmental factors. | La necesidad de agua varía según la edad, el sexo, el nivel de actividad física y los factores ambientales.

woman holding out a glass of orange juice
Why is it important to limit 100% fruit juice? ¿Por qué es importante limitar el jugo de fruta 100%?

Nutrients in juice are not the same as whole fruit. | Los nutrientes en el jugo no son lo mismo que la fruta entera.

child drinking from a bottle of water
Should you buy drinks with added electrolytes? ¿Debe comprar bebidas con electrolitos añadidos?

Electrolytes play important roles in the body, and many drinks have added electrolytes. Are these drinks worth the extra cost? | Los electrolitos tienen funciones importantes en el cuerpo, y muchas bebidas tienen electrolitos añadidos. ¿Vale la pena pagar el costo adicional de estas bebidas?

Participants listening to an orchard demonstration
Center for Urban Water Conservation celebrating 25 years of research

Public invited to tours, demonstrations, plant and produce sales

two women at field day giving a thumbs-up
Nevada Field Day 2019 provides hands-on activities and demonstrations

University experts showcase research, activities and programs at fall festival

David St-Jules posing in front of trees
National leader in renal disease joins University

Dietician and Nutritionist David St-Jules joins the College of Agriculture, Biotechnology & Natural Resources

Nunez Zepeda at booth
Graduate of the Pack: Ana Nunez Zepeda, nutrition instructor

"It’s important that there are people doing what I do because we can help our community by teaching them how to have a healthy lifestyle."

Jeff Harper in his biochemistry laboratory.
Exploring the future of food production on Earth … and in space

Jeff Harper named Nevada’s Distinguished Career Researcher for his significant work addressing the global, food-security challenge