Bachelor in Nutrition

Dietetic student with faculty member

Dietetics specialization

Challenging courses and hands-on learning experiences prepare students for entry into a dietetic internship, graduate school or immediate employment as a nutritionist.

You'll experience:

  • Quality education with a strong science foundation.
  • Individualized attention in classes with a low student-to-faculty ratio.
  • High-tech classrooms & dietetic computer lab with specialized software.
  • Real-world learning in community programs & health care facilities.
  • Academic & career advisement by experienced & licensed faculty.
Nutritional science student with research plants

Nutritional science specialization

A flexible curriculum draws on a variety of inter-related disciplines, including human nutrition, biology, physiology and chemistry, while providing students flexibility to pursue areas of personal and career interest.

You'll experience excellent preparation for:

  • A future in nutrition research, nursing or health education.
  • Doctorate work & high-level nutrition, food & health positions.
  • Medical, dental, pharmacy, physical therapy & other professional schools.
  • Entrepreneurship in areas such as food marketing, nutrition communication & nutrient supplementation.

Minor in Nutrition

Advising (Courses & Careers)

Getting your questions answered in a timely manner is important to us. As a student in the Department of Nutrition, you have many resources available to you. Please use these guidelines to determine who best to contact.

Student Center Advising

The professional advisors at the CABNR Student Center can help with questions like:

  • Am I on track to graduate?
  • What classes should I take next semester?
  • Can you release an advising hold for me in MyNevada?
  • What classes are required for a specific major or minor?
  • I need to drop a class.  How will this impact my graduation timeline?
  • Can I get some help using the tools in MyNevada (e.g., Academic Planner)?
  • I don’t have a prerequisite for a required course. What are my options?
  • I have a time conflict with a required course. What are my options?
  • Can you help me file an appeal for the excess credit fee charges?
  • How are my transfer credits being counted toward my degree?

To schedule an appointment with the CABNR Student Center call 775-784-1634 or email . 
Please include your first and last name, NetID and days and times that you can meet.

Advisors for juniors & seniors

Please see the academic faculty listed below if you have questions like:

  • What can I do with my degree?
  • Should I consider post-graduate education?
  • How will my degree prepare me for graduate school?
  • What are employers looking for in graduates with my degree?
  • What is the employment outlook for graduates with my degree?
  • How can I enhance the likelihood of being successful in obtaining an internship related to my major?


Faculty advisors for dietetics students

Jamie Benedict

Jamie Benedict
Last names A-F

Karon Felten

Karon Felten
Last names G-L

Jolyn Wirshing

Jolyn Wirshing
Last names M-P

Jolyn Wirshing

Maureen Molini
Last names Q-S


David St-Jules
Last names T-Z

Faculty advisors for nutritional science students

Brad Ferguson

Brad Ferguson
Last names A-I


Steven Frese
Last name J-N


Angeline Jeyakumar
Last name O-S

placeholder for omar

Audrey Omar
Last name T-Z

Student clubs & organizations

Student Nutrition Association This organization was established in 1996. Although it is a fairly new organization, its members believe it has proven itself to be worthwhile. Any student interested in the field of nutrition or has a focus on the field of dietetics is encouraged to participate in membership. The purpose of the University of Nevada, Reno Student Nutrition Association is to help prepare nutrition students for their post graduate endeavors. The association serves as a networking forum, offers guidance and support for students' concerns, and introduces students to professionals in various areas of the nutrition field. Members will establish an affiliation with the Northern Nevada District Dietetic Association and Nevada Dietetic Association. They will be presented opportunities to integrate service and volunteer for experiences pertinent to the goal of dietetics.

Join the Club!

Any student who is interested in the field of nutrition or who has a focus on the field of dietetics is welcome.

Agriculture, Biotechnology & Natural Resources Clubs

Student clubs and organizations provide a great opportunity to meet new people, learn about new cultures, expand your interests and hobbies, and make an impact on our campus.