Wall of Gratitude

Recipients of donor funding at the University of Nevada, Reno all share one characteristic: They're grateful. And we're grateful to have the opportunity to pin their notes of thanks onto the Wall of Gratitude.

If you are the recipient of donor support—through a scholarship, professorship, program support or any other way donors make an impact on campus—and would like the world to know, send us an email at donor_relations@unr.edu or visit the give thanks webpage for more information. 

The Wall of Gratitude

Michael Hartley ’14 (civil engineering) “Scholarships will allow me to get both my master’s and bachelor’s degrees without incurring any student loan debt. Thank you!”
Michael Hartley
Cheyene Jack-Waterman (class of 2021) “Scholarships have been able to help me focus on my studies, save my family’s money and allowed me to live stress free. It’s a huge relief to me to know that my hard work has paid off.”
Cheyene Jack-Waterman
Lisa Le (class of 2021) “Scholarships have helped me get through college freshman and sophomore years with no student debt and helped pay for a shadowing abroad program in summer 2019. I was also able to work less and still have the best college experience.”
Lisa Le
Branden Geary (class of 2022) "The scholarships have helped me focus more on school by allowing me to work less and saved me a lot of stress over tuition and textbook costs.”
Branden Geary
Megan Pecson (class of 2023) “I would like my donors to know how grateful I am for they are helping my dreams become a reality.”
Megan Pecson
Miriam Rivera (class of 2020) "As a first-generation and woman of color, I hope that seeing someone like myself receive scholarships can encourage those in similar positions to know college is an option for them and there are people and organizations that want to help them.”
Miriam Rivera
Andrew Hagemann (class of 2020) “Ever since my early years in elementary school, I have wanted to pursue a career in microbiology. With continuous support from my mom, teachers and professors, my dreams of making the world a healthier place are becoming a reality. The support that comes along with my scholarships is greatly helpful in funding my ambitious academic goals.”
Andrew Hagemann
Madison Ryan (class of 2020) "My goal in life is to be able to completely provide for myself financially and have the opportunity to give back to students financially in the future. Scholarships have allowed me to work less during the school year, allowing me to take more classes to finish ISO credits in 4 years instead of 5. Thank you!”
Madison Ryan
Meghan Chawla (class of 2023) Thanks to scholarship support, "I’m able to move on-campus and take part in the Honors Residential Scholars at the Nevada Living Learning Community. I’m able to experience more in the University and truly connect to all that I study.”
Meghan Chawla
Kianna Boc (class of 2020) "With the help from your scholarship, I am able to focus my time on being involved with the University as I am able to volunteer as a Nevada Student Ambassador.”
Kianna Boc
Dajhanna Flores Sanchez (class of 2021) "Paying for college is something my family constantly worried about. Without financial aid, it would be more difficult to attend college. Scholarships have allowed me to receive a higher education and achieve my dreams. My family and I are extremely thankful for this aid... [and] supporting me as I work toward achieving my dreams.”
Dajhanna Flores Sanchez
Madison Vialpando (class of 2020) “I would like the donors to know how thankful I am for giving me a chance to know that the fact that someone is generous enough to provide financial aid encourages me to follow my dreams.”
Madison Vialpando
Madison Blea (class of 2023) “With the help of scholarships, I should be able to go to school without student loans or help from my parents. Scholarships have allowed me to independently fund my education while saving money while working.”
Madison Blea
Kacey Nidever (class of 2022) “Scholarship support has allowed me to focus on my school work. I was able to work less, and it gave me the validation that I needed regarding my hard work and dedication to my academic pursuits.”
Kacey Nidever
Lauryn Sabers (class of 2022) “My mom is a Nevada Alumni and received her master’s degree from UNR. I love being a student at UNR and I am so pleased to go to a university that my family member went to. Receiving a scholarship is one of the best things I could ask for.”
Lauryn Sabers
Brendan Henry (class of 2021) "Thanks to my scholarships, I am able to save up the money to study abroad, and I don't have to take out any student loans. I'm so grateful."
Brendan Henry
Kendragrace Reyes '16, '19 M.A. "There is so much potential in people like me. The people in the Dean's Future Scholars program saw that potential, and it took their concern and care for that potential to be realized. We all want to turn around and pay it forward. ...Wherever I go, I will shout DFS."
Kendragrace Reyes in regalia
Ally Messer '19 (fine arts) "In addition to gaining technical skills, because of this internship [the Frances Sumner Trachok Internship Endowment in Fine Art] I have a better understanding of the gallery process and feel better prepared to apply to show my own work in galleries."
Ally Messer
Lizeth Acosta '19 (biochemistry and molecular biology) "In addition to much-appreciated financial support, I always had the Wells Fargo First Generation Scholarship requirements in mind. At first, I didn't know how I was going to volunteer 40 hours and keep a 3.0 GPA. I studied harder than I ever had before... [and] got involved in volunteering more quickly and at a greater rate."
Lizeth Acosta in regalia in front of Nevada N statue

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