Board of Trustees

The 2018 Foundation Chair

Foundation Chair Joseph BradleyJoseph S. Bradley '78 (political science)
2018 Chair, Foundation Board of Trustees

I am grateful to the Foundation and its board of trustees for the opportunity to again serve the University that means so much to me and my family. My father, my wife, my daughter, and I rank among the more than 85,000 Nevada alumni, and my son is currently a student. I am proud of our shared Wolf Pack past, and I am excited by the vision President Marc Johnson and University leadership have for the future of the University.

Since I last served as chair of the Foundation in 2009, we have seen the Nevada Living Learning Community and Peavine Hall open. Through philanthropic support, we have added the William N. Pennington Student Achievement Center, the William N. Pennington Health Sciences Education building, the E.L. Wiegand Fitness Center, and the Davidson Math and Science Center. Meanwhile, renovations to Palmer Engineering, Lombardi Recreation Center (including the Ramon Sessions Basketball Performance Center), Mackay Stadium, and Thompson and Lincoln Halls have ensured that our history is preserved. These new and revitalized buildings have proven necessary to accommodate the growth of the University. In that same time, enrollment has increased from 16,862 to 21,657. And through the generosity of our donors, the University’s endowment has grown from $185.7 million to $333 million.

From the Quad itself to the under-construction University Arts Building, philanthropic support has always built our alma mater, and through your support of the Campaign for the New Nevada, we will continue to develop new resources to serve our students and our community. In these pages, we honor your contributions to the University, and I am grateful to be in a position to express my appreciation for your generosity. From all of us at the Foundation and in the Wolf Pack family, thank you. Go Pack!

The Foundation is governed by a volunteer board of trustees who can serve three consecutive two-year terms. Trustees are made up of University alumni and friends who provide counsel in strategic planning, education, fundraising and other matters.

2018 Executive Committee

Joseph Bradley

Joseph Bradley '78


John Desmond

John P. Desmond


Ken Creighton

Ken Creighton '75

Immediate Past Chair

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Dean R. Byrne '04

Vice Chair, Investment

Kelli Newman

Kelli Newman '88

Vice Chair, Special Events & Public Affairs

Felicia O'Carroll

Felicia O'Carroll '76

Vice Chair, Audit & Finance

Ann Ronald

Ann Ronald

Vice Chair, Nominating

Jerry Smith

Gerald C. Smith '03

Vice Chair, Gifts & Acquisitions

Vic Williams

Victor A. Williams

Vice Chair, Development

Anette Bidart

Sara Lafrance '73


Mick Hitchcock

Mick Hitchcock '17



John Carothers

John K. Carothers

Foundation Executive Director

Marc Johnson

Marc Johnson


Lynda Buhlig

Lynda Buhlig

Foundation Associate Director/Secretary

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Laurie L. McLanahan '86

Foundation Treasurer

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Kristen A. Layman

Nevada Alumni Association President

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Ryan Dolan

AAUN President

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Thomas Harrison

Faculty Senate Chair

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Noah Teixeira

ASUN President

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Sandesh Kannan

GSA President



Deena G. Behnke
Kenneth A. Brunk
Dennis P. Bryan '72
Amie M. Chapman
Gary R. Clemons '81
Mark H. Denzler
John E. Dooley
Laura Granier '96
Frank Hawkins , Jr. '81
Dina M. Hunsberger '88, '03
Charles A. Jeannes '80
Daniel W. Kappes '72

Adam O. Kramer
Paul A. Lipparelli '84
Lisa M. Lyons '88, '97
Maureen Mullarkey-Miller
Chad A. Osorno
James R. Pagliarini
Ronald L. Parratt
Mary O. Simmons '78
Edward G. Stevenson
Andy B. Wallace '75
Ty Windfeldt '01
Thomas K. Witter

Trustees Emeriti

Opal F. Adams '85
Deane A. Albright '71
L.S. 'Buz' Allen
Edward E. Allison '61
Mary B. Ansari
Sam S. Arentz III '68
Robert E. Armstrong
Michonne R. Ascuaga
Kristen A. Avansino
Richard P. Banis '67
J. Richard Barnard
Riley M. Beckett '68
Paul A. Bible '62
Annette Bidart '85
Mitchell 'Jim' J. Bidart '68
Candice S. Bielser '68
Leslie S. Biller
Fred E. Black
Louis A. Bonaldi '75, '77
Janice K. Brady '63, '88
John E. Brodeur '72
Randy J. Brown '89
Philip E. Bryan , Jr. '68
Carol F. Buck
David L. Buckman '53
Rhonda K. Carano '76
Ann M. Carlson '59, '78
Bob Cashell '76
Denise Cashman '83
William A. Chaffin , Jr. '66
David W. Clark
Kirk V. Clausen
William G. Cobb '71
Brett E. Coleman '84
Thomas R. Conklin '66
Krestine Corbin
Norman L. Dianda
David L. Diedrichsen '97
John M. Doyle , Esq. '63
Joan L. Dyer
JoAnn Elston '56
Stuart R. Engs, Jr.
William N. Evans
Frank J. Fahrenkopf , Jr. '62
Catherine Farahi '80
Barbara J. Feltner '82
Gregory W. Ferraro '85
Georgia Fulstone
Frank S. Gallagher '77
Katherine L. Garcia '76
John S. Gaynor, Jr. '66, '74
Valerie Glenn '76
Joanne G. Hall
Thomas J. Hall '65
Arnold L. Hansmann '66
Richard W. Harris '69, '95
William R. Hartman
Dyanne M. Hayes '61
Barbara E. Hug '54
Steven S. Johnson '77
Thomas F. Kerestesi '72
Eleanor Killebrew Brown '51
MacLellan E. King, Jr.
Michael J. Klaich '82
Mark W. Knobel '77

Jay Kornmayer III '74
William B. Kottinger III '54
Keith L. Lee '65
Warren L. Lerude '61
Mark A. Lipparelli '87, '93
Kathryn List '80
Scott D. Machabee '90
Luther Mack, Jr.
Michael F. Mackedon '63
Andrew MacKenzie '63
Alan S. Maiss
Bernice Martin-Mathews '70, '75
Paul D. Mathews, Jr. '87
Charles N. Mathewson
Dixie D. May
Charles K. McArthur '79
Timothy G. McCarthy '11
Gene E. McClelland '71
Richard A. McDougal
Dale E. McKenzie '66
Mary-Ellen McMullen '73
Raymond J. Megquier '61
Michael J. Melarkey '72
Marilyn R. Melton '86, '55
James L. Mercer '64, '66
Monte L. Miller '70
Carol L. Mousel
Julie Murray '79
James J. Murren
Terrance W. Oliver '71
Robert N. Ordonez
William M. Pennell
Raymond Pike
Janice C. Pine '62
Frank R. Randall '56
Leslie A. Righetti '76
James H. Roberts
Jeffrey R. Rodefer '85
Sigmund A. Rogich '67
Allen D. Rovig
Jeanne A. Russell '71
Jennifer A. Satre '80, '15
Frederick J. Schwab
Joey E. Scolari
Mike H. Sloan
Blake Smith
Barbara Smith Campbell '78
Austin W. Stedham
Richard M. Stout '66
David J. Thompson '72
William R. Trimmer '72, '74
Roger S. Trounday '56, '67
Larry Tuntland
Marjorie L. Uhalde '67
Peter P. Vlautin III '68
Patty A. Wade
Ranson W. Webster
Harvey Whittemore '74
B. Thomas Willison
Jane C. Witter '74
Joan S. Zenan
Ronald R. Zideck '59
Gregg W. Zive '67
Ronald M. Zurek