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From astronomy to art, from scholarships to student services, from faculty support to fellowships, from business to baseball, there is a fund that matters to you at the University of Nevada, Reno. Below is a representative, but not at all exhaustive, list of programs and initiatives that make a difference in the lives of our students, faculty and community.  Find the fund that's important to you below, or contact us at giving@unr.edu or (775) 784-1587 to learn about the many other University programs that would benefit from your support.

Support a specific college that is meaningful to you.

The College of Agriculture, Biotechnology and Natural Resources offers students the chance to apply life and earth sciences to real-world problems. With majors ranging from biochemistry and molecular biology to wildlife ecology and conservation, the college prepares students for a variety of hands-on jobs. Visit the College of Agriculture, Biotechnology, and Natural Resources.

To learn more about giving to the College of Agriculture, Biotechnology and Natural Resources, contact Ralph Phillips at (775) 784-4390.

The College of Business offers degree programs in fields ranging from accounting to economics to marketing. It also hosts the annual Sontag Entrepreneurship Competition which awards $50,000 to the first place team. Visit the College of Business.

To learn more about giving to the College of Business, contact Mitch Klaich '02 at (775) 682-5957.

Offering degree programs in all facets of learning and human development, the College of Education prepares educators to shape the future. Its research informs practice and policy, and its outreach and service make a difference at the state, national and international levels. Visit the College of Education.

To learn more about giving to the College of Education, contact Kristen Kennedy '98 at (775) 784-6873.

The College of Engineering offers degrees in nine disciplines, training students to do anything from develop renewable energy sources to build earthquake-resistant bridges. Outside the classroom, award-winning competition teams, internships, and outreach programs offer a chance to apply engineering skills in a real-world setting. Visit the College of Engineering.

To learn more about giving to the College of Engineering, contact Flynn Ginty at (775) 682-7696 or contact Scott Krizman at 775-682-7695.

The College of Liberal Arts contains the disciplines of the humanities and social sciences, as well as the School of the Arts and the School of Social Research and Justice Studies. The University's largest college plays key roles in undergraduate and graduate education, while the faculty is recognized for its research and creative activity. Visit the College of Liberal Arts.

To learn more about giving to the College of Liberal Arts, contact Stuart Golder '97 at (775) 784-1222 or contact Julie Mathews '03 at (775) 784-6873.

With its internationally known faculty, the College of Science equips students to be successful in innovative careers. In addition to its degrees ranging from atmospheric science to molecular microbiology and immunology, the college brings national speakers to campus through its Discover Science Lecture Series. Visit the College of Science.

To learn more about giving to the College of Science, contact Donna Knotek '12, '15 MBA at (775) 682-5952 or contact Stefanie Givens at (775) 682-6023 .

Seeking to better integrate the healthcare sector, the Division of Health Sciences brings together the University's expertise in medicine, nursing, public health and social work. The division offers majors ranging from community health sciences to speech pathology. Visit the Division of Health Sciences.

To learn more about giving to the Division of Health Sciences, contact Seema Donahoe '02 at (775) 682-7304 or contact Kara Mays at (775) 682-8567 .

Founded in 1956, the Orvis School of Nursing at the University of Nevada, Reno is the oldest school of nursing in the state and is dedicated to serving people of Nevada through quality teaching, research and service. Visit the Orvis School of Nursing.

To learn more about giving to the Orvis School of Nursing, contact Kara Mays at (775) 682-8567.

The University's Graduate School represents the nearly 100 graduate programs offered on campus, many of which are individually ranked by U.S. News & World Report. Pursuing masters-level and doctoral degrees, graduate students play an integral role in the University's research and teaching agenda. Visit the Graduate School.

The University of Nevada Cooperative Extension's mission has not changed since its inception in 1914. Together with volunteers, its more than 200 personnel in 18 offices deliver non-degree, educational programs in agriculture, horticulture, health and nutrition, natural resources and community development.

To learn more about Cooperative Extension, contact Ralph Phillips, director of development, (775) 784-4390.

The Donald W. Reynolds School of Journalism offers students the chance to blend traditional journalistic principles in the ever-changing field of media and communications. With six Pulitzer Prize winners among its alumni, the school is also known for its strong presence at the National Student Advertising Competition. Visit the Reynolds School of Journalism.

To learn more about giving to the Reynolds School of Journalism, contact Laurice Antoun-Becker at (775) 784-4184.

The University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine for more than four decades has prepared physicians who are leading the way to better health for Nevada, the nation and the world. Our more than 1,900 M.D. graduates have received advanced education to provide the best in service to the fields of primary and specialty care, as well as medical research.

To learn more about giving to the School of Medicine, contact Seema Donahoe '02 at (775) 682-7304.

The Annual Fund, or unrestricted giving, is a crucial building block in advancing private support for the University of Nevada, Reno. Unrestricted gifts provide the University with the maximum amount of financial flexibility to support emerging opportunities, student enrichment, and faculty excellence. Your support of the Annual Fund is building the community that makes Nevada a premiere educational experience. To learn more about the Annual Fund, please contact Torrey Hood, associate director, Annual Giving at (775) 682-6544.

From the greens to the gridiron, the slopes to the swimming pool, Wolf Pack Athletics is home to 16 different teams. Our student-athletes, led by their dedicated coaches, provide the community with exciting sporting events that bring northern Nevada together. To support our student-athletes, contact Zack Madonick at (775) 682-6977.

It is crucial that the students and faculty of the University of Nevada, Reno have the facilities necessary to perform the high-impact research and scholarship that have become the hallmarks of the University. Gifts to capital projects have funded some of the cornerstone buildings on campus, from the William N. Pennington Student Achievement Center to the Mathewson-IGT Knowledge Center, each vital to student success. To support our capital projects, contact Lynda Buhlig '84, assistant vice president of development, at (775) 784-1352.

College of Engineering Building

University Arts Building

Our corporate and foundation partners provide necessary support for University initiatives. These partnerships have enabled the University to develop state-of-the-art facilities and train the next generation of leaders in their fields, enriching the community and the economy. To learn more about how your foundation or corporation can support the University, contact Crystal Parrish, director of development, at (775) 784-1352.

Endowments generate a steady stream of income while leaving the principal untouched. Alumni, faculty, parents and friends of Nevada who make endowment gifts are attracted to the opportunity to ensure that the institution, or a particular program or activity, will exist in perpetuity. Behind each endowment gift is a personal motivation—to repay a debt of gratitude for the donor's own education, to honor a loved one or simply to make a positive impact. Gifts to endowment may be made in cash, securities, real estate, or through planned giving or a bequest. To learn more about establishing an endowment, visit our Endowment FAQs page or contact Keiko Weil '87, director of donor relations, at (775) 784-1587.

The University would not be a vibrant center of intellectual achievement and outreach without our outstanding faculty. Please consider supporting their work by donating to their projects and research or by establishing an endowed professorship. To learn more about supporting University faculty, contact Keiko Weil '87, director of donor relations, at (775) 784-1587.

You may also wish to view a list of current endowed professorships and their holders.

Broadcasting live from the University of Nevada, Reno, KUNR is a news and information radio station that reaches 50,000 weekly listeners in 20 communities spread out over 100,000 square miles of northern Nevada and California. To learn about supporting KUNR, contact A.J. Kenneson, manager of business operations, at (775) 682-6300.

To honor a friend, family member, or mentor, you may consider establishing a memorial scholarship or gift in your loved one's name. To learn more about establishing a memorial scholarship or award, contact Keiko Weil '87, director of donor relations, at (775) 784-1587.

Providing to services and initiatives that directly impact your son or daughter's experiences on campus is easy. Consider donating to the Parents Fund to provide the University with the resources to embrace opportunities to enhance student experience and student success on campus. To learn more about the Parents Fund,  visit the Wolf Call Phonathon page or please contact Torrey Hood, associate director, Annual Giving at (775) 682-6544.

Over the past decade, the research enterprise at the University of Nevada, Reno has grown substantially. The University has tripled its sponsored research grants and contracts during this time, exceeding more than $150 million. From science to the arts and every discipline in between, our faculty and students are performing high-impact research. To learn more about specific research initiatives on campus, visit the Office of Research & Innovation.

Alumni are encouraged to contribute to a class fund established in honor of their class year. Giving to your class fund demonstrates an appreciation for the education and experiences you received on campus. Once a class fund reaches $10,000, it becomes a permanent endowment with the promise of helping current and future students for generations to come. To learn more about reunion and class gifts,  please contact Torrey Hood, associate director, Annual Giving at (775) 682-6544.

Each year, the University offers over 3,000 scholarships to students. Whether you would like to support students in financial hardship or in pursuit of a particular program of study, creating or supporting a scholarship directly impacts the lives of our students and, in turn, improves our community. To learn more about supporting or creating a scholarship, visit our Scholarship FAQs or contact Keiko Weil '87, director of donor relations, at (775) 784-1587.

The Mathewson-IGT Knowledge Center is at the heart of campus, boasting a collection of nearly 2,000,000 books, journals, and digital resources. Whether our students hope to explore Botticelli or biochemistry, Shakespeare or submarines, Faust or firefighting, our offerings enable students to succeed, providing a staggering depth and breadth of offerings. In addition to the more traditional options available through our libraries, we also offer cutting-edge technology—3D printers, Google Glass and Liquid Galaxy, among many others—and renowned makerspaces to our students, faculty, and community. As robust as our offerings are, the curiosity and innovation of our students, faculty and staff demand we continue to expand to facilitate their high-impact research and groundbreaking scholarship. To learn more about supporting the University Library system, contact Krisitn Burgarello, executive director of development, at (775) 784-4471.

Every fall and spring, thousands of alumni, parents, and friends of the University receive a call from a student who provides outreach through the Wolf Call Phonathon. Callers reach out to update information, share news about the University, and help secure support for a broad range of campus programs through the University’s Nevada Fund and Parents Fund. To learn more about Wolf Call,  visit the Wolf Call Phonathon page or please contact Torrey Hood, associate director, Annual Giving at (775) 682-6544. 

Interested in supporting one of these programs? Explore the ways you can give to the University.