Monitor Web Accessibility

To check the accessibility of your web content, you should contact your Web Accessibility Liaison to request a report for the web pages you are interested in.

Web Accessibility Liaisons are responsible for monitoring and assisting in resolving the accessibility issues identified by the Siteimprove Intelligence Platform, our enterprise accessibility monitoring tool.

For access to SiteImprove, please use the Accessibility Help Form and specify SiteImprove Access.

There are also two free browser extensions for Chrome, the WAVE Tool and the SiteImprove Accessibility Checker, that can assist with spot checking of individual web pages.

Please note that no automated tool can identify all accessibility issues and both manual and functional testing also needs to be conducted.  For assistance with manual and functional testing, please email

It is the responsibility of individual content creators and site owners to ensure that all websites and web content shared publicly, used for instructional, or for official University business are accessible.