Technology accessibility is an institution-wide responsibility. To help the University achieve accessibility compliance, the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) committee was formed to bring together the talented and dedicated professionals who are best positioned to lead the effort.  The University also recognized the need for dedicated faculty and staff who ensure the University is in compliance with accessibility standards and best practices.

Faculty & Staff

The University employs faculty and staff experienced in many aspects of accessibility, from digital to physical, informational to instructional, and much more.

ICT Committee

The Information and Communication Technology (ICT) brings together talented and dedicated professionals from across the University to lead the effort to achieve accessibility compliance. 

ICT Subcommittees

The ICT Accessibility Committee is comprised of subcommittees and working groups that assist with the University's efforts to achieve and maintain accessibility compliance.

Digital Accessibility Liaisons

Each college, division, and major unit of the University is expected to have a designated digital accessibility liaison to serve as the point of contact on accessibility-related matters for their area.