Create Accessible Video

How do I get my video materials/content captioned?

The campus has implemented new rules for course materials requiring all course content to be accessible.  This means that all video content needs to have closed captions. While there are numerous questions about these new rules that we may not be able to address (i.e. funding), we are here to help you through the technological aspects of the process. If you would like to discuss getting your instructional video content captioned or have pressing questions, feel free to stop by the Instructional Design suite in the Knowledge Center (411) or email

How long does captioning take?

Plan on a minimum of 48 hours to over a week for longer materials.  Timelines depend on variables such as video length, audio quality, and language complexity.

How do I request captioning for instructional content?

Email or call Office of Digital Learning (ODL) at (775) 682-6798.

How do get my non-instructional videos captioned?

You may use a 3rd party source (even automated captioning via YouTube as long as you edit for 95% accuracy or better), or Office of Digital Learning (ODL) (775) 682-6798 can help set you up with a subaccount through 3PlayMedia, which is an accurate, fee-based service that doesn’t require manual editing.

What should I do if my department has a library or archives of non-instructional videos or content on a website?

The videos should be captioned and content should be made accessible according to conformance timelines presented in the ICT Accessibility Procedures.