Digital Accessibility Liaisons

Role & Responsibilities

Per the ICT Accessibility Procedures, Digital/Web Accessibility Liaisons are responsible for the following:

  • Being up to date on university policy and procedures related to accessibility (ICT Accessibility Policy, ICT Accessibility Plan, ICT Accessibility Procedures)
  • Being knowledgeable on how and where to direct users to get the technical assistance they require
  • Maintaining a registry of all ICT (websites, electronic media, software, etc.) within their college/division that are used for official activities (general business, instructional, administrative, or research)
  • Monitoring accessibility compliance of websites created by or on behalf of their college/division
  • Reporting updates to the ICT Accessibility Team

Web Accessibility Liaisons should also be knowledgeable of the following: UNR Benchmarks for Accessibility (WCAG 2.0 Level A and AA), HTML & CSS. More information regarding accessibility resources and upcoming training opportunities can be found on the Accessibility & Technology website.

List of Digital Accessibility Liaisons

Last Updated May 14, 2021


Web Representative

College/Division/Unit Head

ASUN - Associated Students of the University of Nevada

Amy Koeckes

Sandy Rodriguez

CABNR - College of Agriculture, Biotechnology and Natural Resources

Robert Moore (Web) & Jerry McGraw (Software)

Bill Payne

Cooperative Extension

Ashley Andrews (Web) & Jeff Eckert (Software)

Ivory Lyles

CLA - College of Liberal Arts

Lisa McDonald

Debra Moddelmog

COB - College of Business

Allie Chrichton

Greg Mosier

COED - College of Education

Will McDonald

Donald Easton-Brooks

COEN - College of Engineering

Curtis Vickers

Manos Maragakis

COS - College of Science

Jennifer Kent

Katherine McCall

DAF - Division of Administration and Finance

Jodi Fraser

Vic Redding

DAR - Division of Development and Alumni Relations

Darren Young & Zachary Cooper-Chadwick

Lynda Buhlig

DES - Division of Extended Studies

Mark Albin

Jodi Herzik

DIA - Division of Intercollegiate Athletics

Aaron Juarez

Doug Knuth

DRI - Division of Research and Innovation

Alex Vanderhoff

Mridul Gautam

DSS - Division of Student Services

Molly Beaupre

Shannon Ellis

GRAD - The Graduate School

Jennifer Shelton

David Zeh

JOUR - School of Journalism

Jessica Fagundes

Al Stavitsky

LIB - University Libraries

Nathan Gerth

Kathy Ray

MED - School of Medicine

Mike Wilhelm

Thomas Schwenk

NURS - Orvis School of Nursing

Pamela Smith

Debera Thomas

OIT - Office of Information Technology

Ria Laskowski-Sinnett

Steve Smith

OMC - Office of Marketing and Communications

Michael Brown

Kerri Garcia Hendricks

PRES - Office of the President

Michael Brown

Brian Sandoval

PROV - Office of the Provost

Andrea Clarke

Jeff Thompson

SOC - School of Social Work


Shadi Martin

SPH - School of Public Health

Mike Wilhelm

Wei Yang