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Contact the Office of Sponsored Projects

Sponsored Projects Administration

Charlene Hart

(775) 784-4040

Karen Smith

Manager, Pre Award
(775) 784-4477

Samir Mehtaji

Manager, Post Award
(775) 784-4043

Amy Nielsen

Administrative Assistant IV
(775) 784-4312

Erika Waday

Information & Training Specialist
(775) 784-4049

Gail Mercer

Account Set-Up
(775) 784-6764

Linda Fitzgerald

Administrative Assistant III
(775) 784-4040

Allison Cladianos

Administrative Assistant
(775) 784-4105

Michelle Dondanville

Program Manager, Research Compliance
(775) 784-6360

Grants & Contracts Officers

Thomas Landis

Senior Grants & Contracts Officer
(775) 784-4029

Kathleen Crabbé

Grants & Contracts Officer
(775) 784-4011

Susan Poore

Grants & Contracts Officer
(775) 784-7053

Grants & Projects Analysts

Carla Beier
(775) 784-6754

Jennifer Bingham
(775) 784-4044

Kim Higgins
(775) 784-1653

Lana Caddel
(775) 784-3561

Elaine Spiess
(775) 784-4157

Ella Chavez-Harbrecht
(775) 784-4158

Monica Cochran
(775) 784-4063

Heidi Eskew
(775) 682-8794

Craig Holloman
(775) 784-6857

Wendy-Anne Bishop
(775) 784-4105

Research Administrators

Tracy Wheeler
(775) 784-7085

Kevin Kovach
(775) 784-4630

Student Workers

Stephanie Navidad
(775) 784-4040


CollegeOrgAdministrative SpecialistFinancial SpecialistGrants & Contracts Officer
Agricultural Experiment Station/CABNR 153 Tracy Wheeler Lana Caddel Susan Poore
Business Administration 116 Kevin Kovach Elaine Spiess Susan Poore
Division of Health Sciences 122 Carla Beier Elaine Spiess Tom Landis
Education 113 Kevin Kovach Jennifer Bingham Susan Poore
Engineering 117 Kevin Kovach Ella Chavez-Harbrecht Kathleen Crabbé
Extended Studies 120 Tracy Wheeler Monica Cochran Tom Landis
Graduate School 123 Carla Beier Elaine Spiess Kathleen Crabbé
Institute for the Environment 140 Carla Beier Ella Chavez-Harbrecht Tom Landis
Institute for Inform Sci & Tech 142 Erika Waday Monica Cochran Susan Poore
Institute for Molecular Biology 141 Erika Waday Monica Cochran Tom Landis
Journalism 115 Erika Waday Elaine Spiess Kathleen Crabbé
Liberal Arts 112 Carla Beier Elaine Spiess Kathleen Crabbé
Libraries 108 Erika Waday Elaine Spiess Susan Poore
Medicine 119 Carla Beier Monica Cochran Tom Landis
Medicine (Clinical Trials) 119 Tom Landis Jennifer Bingham Tom Landis
NV Cooperative Extension 151 Kevin Kovach Lana Caddel Susan Poore
Pharmacy 125 Carla Beier Monica Cochran Tom Landis
President 101 Erika Waday Ella Chavez-Harbrecht Tom Landis
Provost 102 Erika Waday Elaine Spiess Kathleen Crabbé
Science 114 Tracy Wheeler Ella Chavez-Harbrecht Kathleen Crabbé
VP Admin & Finance 104 Erika Waday Elaine Spiess Susan Poore
VP Information Technology 109 Erika Waday Elaine Spiess Tom Landis
VP Research 121 Carla Beier Monica Cochran Kathleen Crabbé
VP Student Services 105 Tracy Wheeler Elaine Spiess Kathleen Crabbé
VP University Advancement 103 Erika Waday Elaine Spiess Kathleen Crabbé
VP Development & University Relations 106 Erika Waday Elaine Spiess Susan Poore

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