Definition of Terms

  1. University Group – Recognized Student Organizations and University Departments.
  2. Recognized Student Organization – Student groups that have been officially recognized by the Associated Students of the University of Nevada (ASUN), the Graduate Student Association (GSA), or Office of Fraternity & Sorority Life.
  3. University Department – Any university administrative or academic unit (Ex: college, school, department), or university recognized affiliate.
  4. Special Event-  Any structured activity that requires the use of a designated special event space and/or multiple multi-purpose or conference rooms.
  5. Meeting - A standalone reservation that is not recurring, utilizing only multi-purpose or conference rooms.
  6. Outside Group – Any group not affiliated with the university including; individuals, nonprofit and for-profit organizations, and government agencies (state, local or ).
  7. Recurring reservation – A series of reservations for an organization’s business meetings that take place in a routine fashion, on a single day of the week and during a specific time block.
  8. Excessive Cleanup – Cleaning of space that requires more work than is deemed standard for a room. This includes, but is not limited to; the removal of stains from any surface, excessive trash pick-up or removal, removal of gum, glitter and/or confetti, as well as the repair of any damage to the space or JCSU equipment.
  9. Standard Cleaning - Routine cleaning of a room to maintain the space. This includes emptying trash, basic vacuuming, and removal of small debris. 
  10. Arduous Setup – An event setup that cannot be accommodated by the normally scheduled building operations staff. This may consist of any of the following criteria:
    • Insufficient time, between two events, to transition the venue from one setup to the next.
    • The use or setup of arduous equipment (see arduous equipment).
    • A late request for a new meeting and/or event.
    • A late request for a change in setup of a previously scheduled meeting and/or event.
    • For Arduous Setup fees, please refer to Section IV.
  11. Special Event Staff – JCSU student staff scheduled to support events held within the Student Union, as a billable service. (Please refer to Section VIII) These are specially trained student staff, knowledgeable about the Student Union facility, services, and equipment. Special Event Staff cannot substitute security services mandated by Student Event Advisory Board and/or University Police Services.
  12. Display – A passive display in a public area. (Ex: Cultural Exhibit or Art Display)
  13. Posting – Promotional materials for events or general group/services. (Ex: Posters, Flyers, Banners)
  14. Operating, Maintenance, and Repair Fee (OM&R) – A university Facility Service Charge assessed to cover the cost of operating the facility. (Ex: Heating, Cooling, etc.)  University Groups may be assessed the fee for events occurring outside of the normal operational hours of the building. Outside Groups may be assessed OM&R fee for any event held in the facility.
  15. Major University Event/Week – A Major Event is any function, including but not limited to, a gathering, meeting, lecture, forum, program, performance, concert, rally, conference, speaker presentation, workshop, training, seminar, faculty or department meeting and conferences at which one or more of the following conditions apply:
    • Over 150 persons are anticipated to attend;
    • Authorized campus officials determine the Event is likely to significantly affect campus safety and security (based on assessment from the University Police Services) or significantly affect campus services other than those provided by the administrative unit making the facility or space available;
    • Authorized campus officials determine the Event has a substantial likelihood of interfering with campus functions or activities other than the functions and activities of the administrative unit making the facility or space available;
    • The event is a concert with amplified sound or dance (defined as a social gathering whose primary purpose is the promotion of free movement to amplified music in an unobstructed area at a campus property. This does not include events at which performers are the only people dancing; or
    • Alcohol is intended to be served at the Event.

    Any determination that an Event constitutes a Major Event shall be based on the University’s assessment of information other than the content or viewpoints anticipated to be expressed during the Event.  See UAM 5,302.

  16. Extra-Ordinary Setup / Teardown Request - Event planners must set up and teardown their event related items for each scheduled event. The set up and teardown should not exceed the limits of the default set up / teardown for each venue. Request for additional time, beyond the default set up / teardown times for the scheduled venue, is subject to the review and approval of the Director of the Student Union or designee.  Requests will be considered, and a decision granted, at minimum one (1) month prior to the event dated.  Additional fees may apply.
  17. Reservation Status – The terms used within the Joe Crowley Student Union Event Management Office to describe the status of a reservation.
    • Action Needed: Event Details: Event space secured.  Logistical support needs are required from the event planner.
    • Canceled: Event space and associated services canceled.
    • Confirmed: All critical event related information received.  Additional changes can be made, without penalty, up to (10) business days, in advance of event date.
    • No Show: Planner/Group did not utilize the schedule event space.  Event space and services not canceled. Service charges may apply.
    • Late Cancelation: Event space canceled without proper notification. Service charges may apply.
    • Late Request – Confirmed: Event request submitted, and accommodated, with less than the required processing time.  Processing fees may apply.
    • Pending Request: Space secured, pending review by JCSU Event Management staff.
    • Pending Cancelation: Critical event-related information not received.  Event space soon to be released.
    • Wait List: Space requested is unavailable.  However, the request is queued, on a list, to notify the planner if the space becomes available.