Joe Crowley Student Union Reservable Spaces

Reservable spaces within the Joe Crowley Student Union:

  • A. Event spaces

    The following are designated event/meeting spaces and are available for use by recognized student organizations, university departments, and outside groups, by reservation.

    • Milt Glick Ballrooms A, B, and C  The Milt Glick Ballrooms are a 10,000 square foot facility that can be used as one large space or three smaller ballrooms. Ballrooms A and C are equipped with full surround sound systems and have dedicated smart technology carts, projection screens, and ceiling mounted projectors. Each ballroom can accommodate a variety of setups, including but not limited to conferences, information/career fairs, banquets, and receptions. 
    • Theatre (Auditorium with Stage) Contemporary entertainment and performance venue for film screening, multimedia lectures, speakers, panels, talent shows and other presentations.  The Theatre has seating for 219 guests and features both a Concession Stand and a Box Office. The Concessions, Dressing Rooms, and the Box Office can be reserved in conjunction with this space.
    • The Heart (Lounge) Open-foyer lounge, this space features a large television.  
    • 3rd Floor Vestibule 3rd floor entryway. This space is suitable for small passive displays.
    • Dining Space Joe 305  Located on the 3rd floor, with a (42) person meeting room and (14) person conference room available for advance reservation. The spaces come equipped with LED TV and sound system.
    • The Great Room (Multipurpose room) With sweeping mountain views and a fireplace, the Great Room is perfect for small receptions, speaking engagements, and elegant dinners. The space is pre-configured with round table seating for 30 people [(5) 60” round tables w/ (6) chairs each], and features built-in sound with available microphone and projection systems. Availability may be limited due to concurrent events in Meeting Room #402.
    • Meeting Room 402 (Multipurpose) Multipurpose room with built-in sound and available microphone and projections systems.  This space is accessible through The Great Room.  Availability may be limited due to concurrent events in the Great Room.
    • Food Court (Café /Lounge setting – fixed set-up)
    • Blue Fish Bowl Private dining space with fixed seating for 20 people at rectangle tables.
    • Joe’s Patio (Outdoor venue/Café setting) Small exterior patio with fixed round table seating for 20 people.
    • Gateway Plaza (Outdoor venue) The gateway to the Joe Crowley Student Union, this large open space features paved walkways and large grass areas.
    • Table Spaces Outdoor tables are available in front of the Joe Crowley Student Union. Please see Outdoor table space guidelines on the Joe Crowley Student Union Website for restrictions and limitations.
    • Nevada Lounge (fixed setup/multiuse room) Although primarily a quiet study lounge, the lounge can be used for events and meetings. Available to student organizations and University Departments throughout the year.
    • Computer Lounge The Computer Lounge is not available for reservation; however, special circumstances may be taken into consideration. Requests may be made to the Student Union Associate Director of Programs who will coordinate with Information Technology to determine if the request may be granted.
    • Graduate Student Lounge (Lounge)  Lounge space, preset with soft seating for 17 people.  This space can accommodate additional furniture suitable for small meetings and receptions. 
  • B. Conference rooms/meeting spaces

    Meeting Rooms 320, 323, 324, 422, and 423 (Multipurpose rooms)  Multipurpose spaces suitable for meetings ranging in attendance up to 50 people. These spaces feature built-in sound and projection systems.

    Conference Rooms 317, Rita Laden Senate Chambers (356), 405, 406, and 420 (Conference Room) Fixed conference rooms, ranging in seating capacity of 12 to 36 people.  These spaces feature built-in projection and sound systems. 

  • C. Art display space

    Available only to Joe Crowley Student Union events and Joe Crowley Student Union co-sponsored events. These spaces include all display cases, main walkways, and lounges within the Joe Crowley Student Union.

  • D. Poster holders/banner space

    Available to student organizations and university departments holding events in the building. Reservation requests should be finalized three business days in advance of anticipated posting. To request a poster or banner display, contact the Joe Crowley Student Union Event Management Office (784-6505). For information on poster measurements see marketing specifications.

    1. Mobile Promotional Signage and Poster: A limited number of mobile poster holder spaces are available two days immediately preceding an event and for the day of the event. These same spaces are also used to promote services and provide information during pre-determined time frames. The Joe Crowley Student Union maintains a general rotation of promotional posters for services and student organizations. These posters are displayed at the discretion of the Joe Crowley Student Union staff. These spaces are located on the 1st floor near the Info Center, on the 2nd floor near the ATMs and North entrance, and on the third floor near the stairs. Contact the Joe Crowley Student Union Program/Marketing Coordinator (784-6505) to request a poster be put in the rotation. Mobile poster holders vary in size. Please check with the Program and Marketing Coordinator to determine which size you will need to print.
      1. Double and Triple Poster Holders are 22” x 28”
      2. Single Poster Holders are 24” x 32”
      3. Arrow Directional Sign Holders are 11” x 8.5”
    2. Mobile Event Directional Signage: Several mobile signs are available for the day of the event to assist with directions and way finding to your event. Typically, this directional signage is limited to the day of your event. Display time periods will be at the discretion of the Joe Crowley Student Union staff and may vary depending on availability, demand, and compatibility with previously scheduled programs. Events occurring over multiple days will be taken into account. This directional signage is available:
      1. at the 1st floor Info Center;
      2. 2 nd Floor Food Court;
      3. near the 1st and 4th floor elevator lobbies;
      4. near the 3rd floor vestibule;
      5. near the Theatre;
      6. 4th Floor Lobby;
      7. near the Great Room and/or near Meeting Room 402; and/or
      8. near the Ballrooms.

      This signage is not automatically generated and should be requested, a minimum of, one (1) business week prior to the event. If the event sponsor has a graphic or other image they would like used, they should submit the artwork via email to the Program/Marketing Coordinator three business days prior to the event. See marketing specifications  for available sizes.

    3. Banner Space: The following banner spaces are available, for general reservation, in the Joe Crowley Student Union with visibility in the central staircase.
      1. 2nd Floor West: (1) Banners
      2. 2nd Floor East: (2) Banners
      3. 3rd Floor Mezzanine: (2) Banners
      4. 4th Floor Mezzanine: (2) Banners
      5. 4th Floor West: (2) Banners

      Banner size and materials should fall within the marketing specifications.

      Reservations for banner spaces are made through the Joe Crowley Student Union’s Event Management.  Banners, for events within the Joe Crowley Student Union, may be hung for up to (1) week at a time, and are reserved on a first come first served basis. A maximum of (2) banners may be hung per event.  Banners should be provided to Student Union staff, for hanging, at least (1) business day prior to the start of the reservation.  At the conclusion of the scheduled reservation,  banner(s) should be retrieved within (1) business day of notification of availability for pick-up.  Banners not retrieved, after notification, will be discarded.   

      Exemptions to the banner guidelines may be granted for banners supporting divisional and university-wide initiatives, and should be directed to the Student Union Assistant Director. 

      The following banner space shall be exclusively designated for use by the Joe Crowley Student Union’s Programming & Marketing team.

      1. 2nd Floor West: (1) Banner

      Banner size and materials should fall within the marketing specifications.

    4. Sandwich Boards: There is limited space for Sandwich Board displays outside the Joe Crowley Student Union entrances for publicity of events occurring at the Joe Crowley Student Union. The Univerisyt Administrative Manual addresses this issue (UAM 5,305). Joe Crowley Student Union staff may approve placement in specific locations for large events at the following locations:
      1. 1st Floor Entrances (2)
      2. 1st Floor Information Desk (1)
      3. 2nd Floor Fish-hook (1)
      4. 2nd Floor Food Court (1)
      5. 3rd Floor Entrance (1)
      6. 3rd Floor Theatre (1)