Student employment

Joe Crowley Student Union student employment descriptions

For inquiries about employment, please visit our office on the 4th floor of the Joe Crowley Student Union.

In addition to the specific roles and responsibilities listed below, each position will work towards the main mission of the JCSU: to provide excellent customer service to all patrons. Other responsibilities that all staff are expected to perform include, but are not limited to: attending monthly team meetings and mandatory team training, reading and responding to all correspondence from supervisors, creating a safe and welcoming atmosphere, and maintaining up-to-date familiarity with the University and its resources.


The operations team makes up the majority of roles in the Union that serves to maintain and manage the building. Operations staff provide a high level of customer service by answering questions, assisting patrons, providing directions, and distributing information throughout the building and campus. Within this role, students assist with meeting room and event space setups, programs, performing reception and information center tasks, working special events, and assisting with building maintenance.

Information technology 

The information technology team is responsible for the operation, upkeep, and maintenance of technology used throughout the building. They are responsible for information technology assets owned by the JCSU administration.  IT duties include application support, troubleshooting, and hardware/software optimization.


Programmers are responsible for planning events in the Joe Crowley Student Union. This position will enhance skills in the areas of event planning and public relations. Programmers see their events all the way through from program conception to implementation and assessment. They work with others in the area (graphic designers, marketers, photographers) to produce a successful event. The programming team is looking for candidates with a willingness to learn in a fast-paced work environment. In addition, an ideal candidate is creative, flexible, and a team player. 


The marketing team advertises for many events and activities in the student union to enhance the college experience of the student body.  The marketing team works closely with programmers, graphic designers, photographers, and videographers to advertise for events in both print and digital media. Additionally, marketers contribute to the Joe Crowley Student Union social media presence. In addition, an ideal candidate is creative, flexible, and a team player. 

Graphic design

Graphic designers are responsible for the creation of designs to assist in the promotion of programs, tenants, services, and functions of the Joe Crowley Student Union. The designers utilize Adobe media and websites. In addition, graphic designers are responsible for understanding and using various printing and video software. Ideal candidates have experience with Adobe Illustrator. In addition, an ideal candidate is creative, flexible, and a team player. 

Event management

The event management assistant assists in reserving space at the Joe Crowley Student Union and performs clerical duties that provide a smooth and efficient operation of the scheduling department. The event management student reports directly to the department full-time staff and to the facility supervisor. The assistant demonstrates great customer service skills and professionalism; possesses strong organizational, written and verbal skills; and exhibits strong problem-solving skills. This student employee position takes place in a fast-paced, sometimes chaotic work environment and the event management assistant must be friendly, knowledgeable, and dependable with a positive attitude to ensure a favorable experience for sponsors.

Audio visual 

The A/V team is responsible for assisting patrons with the computer and projector equipment throughout the building. They are responsible for audio visual assets owned by the JCSU Administration. AV duties include support of conference room AV systems, event setups and live event production.