Student union advisory board

The SUAB is charged with providing advice to the Associate Vice President of Student Life and the Director of the Joe Crowley Student Union. The SUAB balances the overall needs for the Student Union keeping the betterment of the University and all stakeholders, especially students, in mind. SUAB will review the Student Union Facility Usage Guidelines and make recommendations for improvement.

  • SUAB will review the proposed Room Rate Structure and advise.
  • SUAB will review sources and uses of funds.
  • SUAB will review meeting room, lounge and program space usage.
  • SUAB will provide insight into the review and evaluation of facilities and services.
  • SUAB will review and provide advice on efforts to collect student input including innovative communication methods

SUAB purpose

(per Student Union Advisory Board Standard Operating Procedures)

The Student Union Advisory Board (SUAB) welcomes any interested student and/or representative from any interested group to provide feedback to any SUAB representative. The SUAB membership is designed to represent a diverse group of individuals who use the student union within the campus community. The purpose of the SUAB is to share information, discuss/address issues and forward recommendations to the Director of the Student Union and the Associate Vice President for Student Life (AVP, SSS) pertaining to the Student Union operations and relating to the mission of the Joe Crowley Student Union, the Association of College Unions International (ACUI) and the University of Nevada, Reno.

The Student Union Advisory Board meetings are committee meetings with student representatives from our diverse campus community. The composition of student representatives is purposeful to provide balance of input from undergraduate and graduate students. Other interested students are welcome to observe the meetings, but active participation is limited to those on the Board. Students are invited to provide feedback to any SUAB representative.