JCSU outdoor tabling

Any organization with official university status such as university departments, administrative units or recognized student organizations (ASUN/GSA) are able to make reservations to table at the JCSU.

Book a tabling space


  • All ASUN recognized student groups must fill out a Pack Life Form when requesting a tabling spot. GSA recognized groups and departments are exempt, but may submit the form in order to be displayed on the Pack Life website.
  • Requests for tabling spaces must be made at least three business days in advance online at the online reservation system, by email (csures@unr.edu) or in person at the JCSU Event Management office.

General tabling information

  • The Joe has several tabling spots.
  • Each tabling spot is 10 ft. by 10 ft. The Joe will provide one table and up to three chairs for each tabling spot.
  • Groups should check in each day at the JCSU Information Center on the located on the 1st floor, to request the table and chairs.
  • Individual outdoor table spaces with small speakers that are only audible at the same table space(s) are permitted on a limited basis as long as they do not disrupt or compete with another event. The Joe Crowley Student Union reserves the right to limit the volume and/or to require groups to discontinue table sound.
  • Per Section 5,440 of the University Administrative Manual, amplified sound must not exceed the designated level for outdoor tabling.
  • Cancellations of tabling spaces should be made by 12 p.m. on the business day before the reservation. Failure to cancel reservations in a timely manner or repeated no-shows may result in loss of booking privileges within the JCSU.


  • Food may be sold or given away at table spaces 10-15 only.
  • Groups may provide own 10’ X 10’ pop-up tent, and spaces may have access to power, and accommodate cooking with the following exceptions: Pop-up tents must be secured with weights, sandbags or water. Stakes may not be used at any time. Pop-up tents must be provided by the sponsor.
  • Table spaces 3, 4 & 5 cannot have pop-up shade tents
  • Table spaces 6 & 7 do not have access to power
  • Per Section 5,304 of the University Administrative Manual, the official representative(s) or the designee(s) from the sponsoring University group must be physically present at the tabling spot being sponsored for the duration of the reservation, including set-up and post-event clean-up.
  • All tables are confined to their original location – tables may not be moved by anyone other than JCSU Staff.
  • Groups may not wander from the reserved space and/or actively solicit within walkways or in areas which would disrupt the ingress/egress of the JCSU or the Knowledge Center.
  • In the case of inclement weather, indoor tabling locations are given per the discretion of JCSU staff.
  • The JCSU does not provide reservable indoor tabling spots.
  • Any breach of policies and procedures by on-campus groups will be considered grounds for cancellation or denial of future tabling reservations.