JCSU co-sponsorship

The Joe Crowley Student Union (JCSU) provides opportunities for student groups, campus departments, and community groups to co-sponsor their events with the JCSU. Co-sponsorship has the potential to include custom designs for marketing materials, cost of event staffing, and assistance in planning your event.

Steps to co-sponsor

  1. Fill out the co-sponsorship application a minimum of 30 days prior to the event.
  2. Once you fill out the application, an individual from the Programming and Marketing Team will reach out to you within a week to clarify anything in the application.
  3. You will then be sent a contract for you and your advisor to sign first, followed by a signature from the Coordinator for Programming and Marketing to confirm your co-sponsorship with the JCSU.
  4. If you need assistance in designing a graphic, one of our Graphic Designers will reach out and may set up a meeting to discuss the design.
  5. Lastly, if your group does not uphold the terms of the contract, the co-sponsorship may be revoked.

Requirements for co-sponsorship

  • The event, first and foremost, must benefit the students at the University of Nevada, Reno.
  • Your group needs to be a university-affiliated group including a student organization or a department.
  • The event must be held in the Joe Crowley Student Union.
  • You must have a space reserved in the Joe Crowley Student Union for your event.
  • The JCSU logo must be located on all marketing materials.
  • If admission is being charged or if the event is a fundraiser, the funds must not go back to the group/department as a way to re-fund for hosting the event.
  • During your event, you must follow all policies outlined in the Facilities Usage Guidelines.
  • The facilities must be returned to the same cleanliness that you found them. Failure to meet these requirements may result in a loss of co-sponsorship and full ownership of charges.

Co-sponsorship agreement does not cover

  • Set-up staff
  • Custodial assistance fees
  • Arduous turnovers fees
  • Any staffing outside of the event time
  • Security
  • Additional costs incurred by rental equipment, arduous equipment, or miscellaneous charges. Examples: excessive clean-up, dance floor set up and tear down, medium and large portable screen set up and tear down, etc.

The co-sponsorship contract needs to be signed and returned to the JCSU at least 1.5 weeks or 10 days prior to your event to confirm the co-sponsorship. If you turn it in later, you will likely lose your co-sponsorship. Please note that if you do not have a contract signed by all parties before the event occurs, your event is NOT co-sponsored.