Vendor opportunities

The Joe Crowley Student Union is a 167,000 square foot, environmentally friendly facility designed by WTW Architects and Collaborative Design Studios.

The retail vendors in the student union contribute to our mission to make the facility a destination for activities. Our retail partners are also an integral addition to the food offerings of the campus; our university community is faithful in their patronage and support. Faculty, staff, and students have developed a culture of coming to the Joe for snacks and meals. They plan meetings and attend events in the food court, making it comfortable and preferable to eat and hang out. Each retail vendor has a unique opportunity to provide its special brand to patrons who remain on campus between classes and meetings. The current student union food vendors have experienced over $4.4 million in annual sales. As enrollment continues to grow, sales figures will only expand.

Current occupants

Retail food

  • Starbucks - 3203 sq. ft.
  • Keva Juice - 827 sq. ft.
  • Port of Subs - 1269 sq. ft.
  • Panda Express - 1554 sq. ft.
  • SoHo Sushi Burrito - 730 sq. ft.
  • Habit Burger - 2761.5 sq. ft.
  • Garbanzo Mediterranean Fresh/Boba and Beyond – 1,034 sq. ft.

Non-food retail

  • Nevada Wolf Shop - 25,136 sq. ft.
  • Wells Fargo - 968 sq. ft.


  • 1240 sq. ft., second floor, retail food

Please check back for updates or contact our team at (775) 784-6505. 

Additionally, business opportunities with the BCN Purchasing Department (and other Nevada government agencies) can be viewed by registering as a supplier at no charge at the Nevada Government eMarketplace.