Special event staff

Joe Crowley Student Union Special Event (SE) Staff are assigned to ensure the efficient execution of events in the Joe Crowley Student Union. SE Staff have specific knowledge of the facilities and assist with troubleshooting, audio/visual equipment, and last minute requests. SE Staff also have the responsibility of representing the facility and have authority to make decisions regarding the facilities and events within the building. SE Staff may assist event sponsors with a variety of tasks, assuming there are no facility priorities, including loading in, cleaning up, welcoming attendees, etc. Staff may not directly serve as security if security is assigned by SEAB and/or University Police Services; however, if there is no security assigned, they maintain safety authority and retain the right to call University Police Services and/or 911 if issues arise. Special Event Staff are assigned at the discretion of the Joe Crowley Student Union Assistant Director or by request of reserving groups. The following criteria are used in the decision to assign staff: