About Us

Student doing field research

Being involved in research, scholarship and creative activity outside of the classroom not only offers a unique way to explore your interests, but will help prepare you for the highly competitive job market. Undergraduate students’ exposure to these opportunities is generally very limited. Having research experience will give you an edge in your career field or in your pursuit of a graduate degree—an option you may not have even considered before.

Doing research doesn’t only mean working in a lab…it can be anything from a photographic analysis of a changing landscape over time to studying salt-loving plants to improve crop production in marginal lands. Whether your interests are in the arts, sciences, journalism, education or another field, our office is here to help you expand your experience while at the University.

Undergraduate Research Mission

The University of Nevada, Reno is an active research institution. Our mission is to promote, support and publicize undergraduate research, scholarship and creative activity in all disciplines through the following activities:

  1. Expand undergraduate research, scholarship and creative activity opportunities
  2. Develop and maintain outreach tools
  3. Facilitate faculty involvement
  4. Publicize external undergraduate research, scholarship and creative activity funding opportunities to faculty and provide support in developing undergraduate grant proposals
  5. Recognize faculty involvement in undergraduate research

Our Goals for our Undergraduate Researchers

  • Develop skills to conduct research, scholarship and creative activity —Students need more than the classroom experience to find rewarding jobs. Undergraduate research will teach you the process of developing creative ideas, formulating and executing research and presenting the outcome. These skills will enable you to adapt to new ideas and pursue them in a systematic way, plus you’ll greatly enhance your ability to communicate in written and verbal form.
  • Develop and produce new knowledge—One of the major roles of universities is to create and investigate new ideas. Undergraduates are important members of university research teams, often involving graduate students and research associates, operating under the guidance of a faculty mentor. Undergrads strengthen these teams and often have a positive effect on the direction of the work with their fresh and unbiased look at new ideas.
  • Motivate talented students and prepare them for graduate school—Many highly capable students don’t consider the option of pursing graduate degrees. The perception that graduate education is hard, costly and not rewarding is commonly overcome by involving yourself in research as an undergrad. The satisfaction that comes from solving a problem or attempting a creative endeavor can create a new perspective and potentially encourage you to attend graduate school.
  • Create a strong sense of community—Undergraduate research, scholarship and creative activity will provide a mechanism to interact more closely and frequently with faculty mentors and other researchers on campus. The improved sense of belonging and accomplishment will enrich your educational experience and provide opportunities to explore career paths.