Sample timetables

Example 1

Research timetable
Tasks to complete project Approximate time period and considerations
Field work (Sampling of the pit feature and stratigraphy) (Does not include traveling time to the site) 7/4/16-8/13/16
Will be completed during the summer over 6-7 weeks
Laboratory preparation of samples for analysis 8/15/16-11/5/16
Approximate and based on certain physical characteristics of the sample such as carbonate content and organic content
Laboratory analysis 11/5/16-12/15/2016
Preparation of results and materials for publishing Ongoing 8/15/16 through 4/15/17

Example 2

June-August 2016 | Data collection: OA effects on GRS to sucrose

September-December 2016 | Data collection: OA effects on learning and memory

January-February 2017 | Analysis of data and interpretation of results: potential follow-up experiment on how OA affects pollen-based learning

March 2017 | Analysis of data and interpretation of results: begin writing

April-May 2017 | Continued writing; presentation of thesis

Example 3

The initial matings for this experiment will be completed by early November. Data on survival, developmental time, and adult morphological traits will be collected as nymphs reach adulthood, predicted to finish by the end of December. January through mid - March will be devoted to assessing male and female reproductive traits and analyzing the data. March through April will be used to complete data analyses and create the poster for the Nevada Undergraduate Research Symposium.