School of Public Health scholarships

There are numerous scholarships available to qualified School of Public Health undergraduate and graduate students to help with the cost of completing a degree program. Some scholarships are donor funded, some from differential fees, and others you must pursue outside the University system.

For general information about scholarships and financial aid, refer to the University's Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships.

Internal scholarships

To apply for internal scholarships, students must complete the General Scholarship application through MyNevada as well as the FAFSA. This will help the school and the university assess need. The School of Public Health awards both donor funded and differential fee scholarships through this process.

Scholarship amounts range from hundreds to thousands of dollars each year. Donor funded scholarships also vary by criteria, amount of funding, and number of students who receive each scholarship.

An asterisk (*) denotes that the scholarship amount as well as the number of recipients of each scholarship may vary.

Other funding opportunities

These scholarships and funding opportunities require different mechanisms of application and have various deadlines. Be sure to visit their websites to determine eligibility and how to apply.

External funding opportunities

These scholarships are provided outside of the University system. Visit their websites for full details, including application dates, requirements and more.

Student development awards

Student development awards will not defray the cost of your tuition; however, they will help you offset the costs associated with research, projects, and internship opportunities. Below are some great opportunities to consider.