Student opportunities

Student scholarships

The School of Public Health offers a range of scholarships to qualified undergraduate and graduate students. Learn more about these scholarship opportunities today.

Student internships

School of Public Health students are required to complete an internship/Field Study to earn their degree. Learn about internship requirements for both undergraduate and graduate students, find internship opportunities and more.

Public/community health job opportunities

The School of Public Health endeavors to prepare students for successful professional careers after graduation. Learn about job opportunities across the public and community health industries.

Global Health Initiatives

The School of Public Health supports the vision of a Global Nevada. In collaboration with the School of Public Health, the Nevada Public Health Training Center offers international fieldwork programs, research opportunities, and global engagement efforts that provide hands-on training experiences for students.

Student organizations

The School of Public Health support student-led organizations at both the undergraduate and graduate level. Learn more about these organizations, their missions, activities and how to join.

Student research

The School of Public Health supports student research at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Learn about the scholarship students have produced, from journal publications to industry conference presentations and more.