LaunchNevada student startup awards

Amount: Up to $500 Awards 

Who qualifies: Any full-time UNR student / student team with a business concept. In their application, the student / team must explain the proposed use(s) for the expenditure to advance their business concept. Business concept must include, at a minimum: 

  1. description of product and/or service, 
  2. value proposition, 
  3. description of product-market fit, and 
  4. estimate of the size of the potential market. 

Examples of qualified expenditures: 

  1. testing or other means of vetting a technology (i.e. expert review) 
  2. building a mock-up, prototype or Minimum Viable Product (MVP) 
  3. investigating or filing for IP protection 
  4. validating market acceptance (interviews, surveys, focus groups, Google ad words, or other methods of market assessment/validation) 

Decision process: A panel will review and make its recommendation to the Director. The Director reserves the right to refuse any stipend application, and to change eligibility rules and requirements at any time, in his/her sole discretion. 

Limit on funds: When the funds provided for the awards are exhausted, there will be no additional awards granted. The Ozmen Center for Entrepreneurship currently has available $25,000 for LaunchNevada Student Start-Up Awards. 

Reporting: Award recipients will not be asked to provide receipts or other verification of expenditures afterwards. However, all Award recipients will be asked to complete a brief survey regarding how the funds helped them with their business concept; responding will be voluntary. If an individual or team receiving an Award later competes in the Sontag Competition, they will be expected to report on the use of the funds and how this moved their business concept forward. 

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