Graduate Internships

All Master of Public Health students are required to complete an internship to earn their degree from the University of Nevada, Reno. The purpose of this internship is to provide students with real-world experience working in a community-based setting outside of the University. Students can find internship opportunities below.

Community Agencies and Prospective Internship Supervisors

If your community agency or organization would like to have undergraduate or graduate interns, please submit an Internship Project DescriptionFor prospective supervisors/preceptors, refer to our Field Study/Internship Handbook that discusses how to set up an internship agreement, supervisor responsibilities and more.

Graduate Internships

Contact: Will Rucker, Director of Programs
Phone: (702) 431-6348

Agency mission is to save lives by improving lung health and preventing lung disease. Project Description: The Lung Health Programs Internship is a volunteer position offered to individuals who have an interest in public health education and community outreach. The intern will assist in the coordination and implementation of the Nevada Tobacco Prevention Coalition meetings and the Lung Force Expo, as well as represent the ALA at local health fairs. The intern will help recruit teachers, school administrators, counselors and other school-based professionals to conduct ALAN's Open Airways for Schools asthma program and assist ALAN staff in implementing the trainings and follow-up. The Lung Health Programs intern will assist in the recruitment, logistics, training and follow-up of the Better Breathers Clubs working primarily with Veterans with COPD and other chronic conditions. The Lung Health Programs intern will help coordinate training logistics, administrate designated trainings, strengthen public speaking confidence through training delivery, record all data in the ALAN database, and conduct training follow-up calls with past participants. Generally, interns will work under close guidance with assigned mentors and a detailed plan based on interns' studies and career goals. The American Lung Association in Nevada (ALAN) is a local affiliate of the American Lung Association (ALA), the oldest, voluntary, non-profit health organization in the United States. Lung disease is ranked as the fourth leading cause of death in the U.S. As the leading organization working to save lives, improve lung health, and prevent lung disease, ALA is often the first resource for those impacted by lung issues. ALAN fulfills this important role through its organizational goals, which are to eliminate tobacco use and tobacco-related lung diseases, to improve the air we breathe and to reduce the burden of lung disease on patients and families. For more than a century, ALAN has been positively addressing lung disease issues statewide, utilizing highly dedicated, educated and experienced staff to successfully develop, implement, and evaluate evidence-based programs and education for Nevadans.

Contact: April Wolfe, CTRS, Therapeutic Recreation Specialist
Phone: (775) 333-7765

This position assesses the recreational interests and needs of Disabled Veterans/Injured Services Members and provides adaptive recreation services directly and indirectly to a variety of individuals with cognitive, behavioral, and physical disabilities. The Intern of Veteran Programs modifies activities to meet the needs of Disabled Veterans/Injured Service Members on a case by case basis. In addition, this position assists with programs such as Project HERO City of Reno (veteran cycling program), Fit but Not Forgotten (veteran fitness program), Military to the Mountains, Military Sports Camp, and Veteran specific clinics/events. Position is an UNPAID internship.

Melissa Krall, Director of Population Health Management, (775) 336-3031,

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Agency Mission:

COMMUNITY HEALTH ALLIANCE - C.A.R.E.S. -COMPASSION - ACCESSIBILITY - RESPECT - EXCELLENCE - SERVICE. At Community Health Alliance, we believe everyone should have access to high-quality health care services, including dental and behavioral health. We are a Federally Qualified Health Center, serving all ages with affordable care, with or without insurance.

We have multiple areas of our organization that can incorporate interns utilizing their knowledge in public health and increasing their professional skills. If interns have specific interests in other projects, listed below or self-generated ideas, this can be incorporated. Interns have multiple opportunities to learn about community organizations, education and partnerships through outreach events, meetings, and other activities. Although not required, it is highly encouraged that the student intern has transportation, a laptop computer and be bilingual. Title: Healthy Weight Program (HWP) and Wellness Projects The CHA Healthy Weight Program is ripe for projects that would benefit the program and the MPH student. We are continuously improving our programming for our patients. We are also beginning the development of an employee wellness program. Additionally, we are in the early stages of production of a community obesity prevention program via the Washoe County Health District Community Health Improvement Plan. All programs are founded on healthy behavior using the foundation message of 5-2-1-0 developed by the Let's Go! program in Maine. Our greatest need is the development of outcome measurement methodologies for all programs, but other options in regard to program development and implementation are available. Title: CHA Needs Assessment, Patient Satisfaction and Planning Description: CHA is dedicated to providing professional services for patients that meet their individual and family needs in a safe, welcoming setting. As we continue to grow and expand, we have opportunity improve our physical facilities and our methods of patient care. This intern would be responsible for working with a small subcommittee to develop and implement patient surveys and focus groups that would direct the future expansion of CHA's growth. Our federal funding source (the Health Resources and Services Administration or HRSA) requires that CHA conduct a community needs assessment routinely. We have usually used other agencies' assessments rather than completing our own. The purpose of the assessment would be to assist in health planning throughout the community, and to support targeted health interventions. Using existing data sources, the Needs Assessment would address the following issues:

  • Current data on population health status and health care utilization at the zip code level in Washoe County;
  • Disease rates, where possible, by geographic area, income and race/ethnicity;
  • The degree to which health care needs are met for specific populations;
  • Nature and extent of unmet needs;
  • Health care utilization. Title: Health Literacy Evaluation of Patients Health illiteracy is prevalent within healthcare in general but has an even more important impact upon overall healthcare delivery and care provision within the FQHC setting. Our setting serves a disproportionately higher level of lower socioeconomic, Limited English Proficiency (LEP), and illiterate populations leading to increase stress for both patients and providers. Components of internship: • An evidence-based assessment of impact of health illiteracy on overall health indicators for the FQHC,
  • Development of simple, quick point of care tool to assess level of health literacy that can be integrated into our eligibility/registration (Practice Manager) and EMR,
  • Creation of a "toolbox" of resources for care teams to be trained on to help overcome health illiteracy and its detrimental consequences. Title: Ethnographic Assessment of Type 2 Diabetes Evaluating Type 2 Diabetes (T2D) within the Latino/Hispanic population focusing on cultural perceptions, beliefs, and practices.
  • Evidence-based assessment of how perception of and socio-cultural influences on Type 2 diabetes can affect the healthcare indicators of diabetes.
  • Creation of training module for care teams to review and learn how to provide culturally competent care to Latino/Hispanic patients with T2D. Title: Type 2 Diabetes Group Visit Program Research and Development Type 2 Diabetes (T2D) is a pandemic in our nation. Using the group dynamics theory, group visits have been developed to provide broader impact to a large number of persons simultaneously while allowing for peer support and group learning. • Review and report on the epidemiology of Type 2 Diabetes in the US.
  • Examine and report upon currently available literature regarding use of group visits for care management in the context of Type 2 Diabetes (T2D). Specifically review for literature related to group visit programs and their impacts within FQHCs and Hispanic populations.
  • Develop a program to institute group visits for T2D and childhood obesity that fits into the Community Health Alliance system taking into account the practicalities of logistical planning such as meeting space, number of attendees that can be accommodated, scheduling processes, and personnel needed.
  • Outline a short-course curriculum of topics for group visits targeting T2D. (You do not need to develop the specific curriculum, just a topical outline hitting the major educational components relating to patient education and treatment of these conditions).

Family First Chiropractic is committed to providing effective chiropractic care and educating families in a fun healing environment with enthusiasm, excellence, kindness, integrity, mutual respect and trust.

Rick Swecker, DC
Phone: (775) 337-0184

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Project Description

Clean, analyze, and report on data from FFC's electronic medical record system to identify the most costly and reoccurring injuries of their current patient population. Research best practice wellness and prevention methods of working with those target populations. Develop an education curriculum and implement educational clinics based on this curriculum in partnership with Think Kindness for prevention in the schools, among sporting teams, etc. 

Contact: Contact: Rob Phoenix,
Phone: (702) 979-9027

Utilization of Truvada for Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) has been slow on update in Northern and Southern Nevada. There are limitations due to provider knowledge, patient awareness of provider locations, patient knowledge of Truvada for PrEP, community service organization knowledge of Truvada for PrEP. There has been slow uptake of Truvada for PrEP in the transactional sex worker community. Additionally there has been an increase in the number of sexually transmitted infections identified in both patients who utilize and don't utilize Truvada for PrEP. This project would explore barriers to access and utilization of Truvada, provider knowledge and prescribing barriers, community service organization knowledge barriers. We would also track STI in the Truvada for PrEP population to identify trends and opportunities for decreased number of new infections. The project would work predominately with the LGBTQ, and the transactional sex worker communities, identifying barriers to care, rates of STI and utilization of Truvada for PrEP. We would also be working with providers on identifying barriers to prescribing and development of educational offerings for prescribers. This information would then be used to develop educational offerings to overcome the barriers

Lily Davalos, Outreach Manager
Phone:(775) 624-7112

Preferred track: SBH and has taken CHS 747 (or has equitable survey design experience) 

Immunize Nevada is a statewide network of individuals, businesses, public health entities and organizations committed to improving and protecting the health of children, teens, adults and seniors in Nevada. Established in 1995 as a small group of citizens concerned about Nevada's immunization rate being the lowest in the country, Immunize Nevada now consists of hundreds of statewide partners working together to help improve the health of Nevadans through vaccination and health awareness, outreach and education. Immunize Nevada is seeking an MPH intern to develop and analyze a comprehensive survey on Parent knowledge, attitude and beliefs on infant immunizations. The aim is to better understand parent attitudes and perceived barriers in order to enhance our statewide efforts to increase infant immunization rates. Activities include: Conducting a literature review Developing a comprehensive survey Statewide dissemination through online and paper formats Analysis and presentation of preliminary data

Internship location: Ascuncion and Upcountry Paraguay

Gerold Dermid

Agency/Organization Future Kind
Location Ascuncion and Upcountry Paraguay
Payment UNPAID

Project Description

  • Development, implementation, and evaluation of health education curriculum related to communicable diseases, nutrition, vaccines, and/or WASH (water, sanitation, and hygiene)
  • Development, implementation, and evaluation of a TB prevention, testing and treatment program
  • Research, development, and implementation of a comprehensive sexual health, family planning, and maternal child health program
  • Needs assessment, grant writing, and fund development for a health clinic for indigenous peoples in upcountry Paraguay

*These projects can take place in the urban center of the landfill of Ascuncion or in the rural indigenous areas of Paraguay

Nanchang University (Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province, China)

Gerold Dermid

Agency/Organization Nanchang University
Location Nanchang City, China
Payment UNPAID

Project Description

Topic: Chinese Youth Risk Behavior Survey and Chinese Rural Healthcare Needs Assessment. Students will work with Chinese MPH students to design the questionnaire, arrange, and conduct surveys. During the five weeks in China students will join and participate the surveys for five weeks. After returning to US, students will continue work with the same group of Chinese students for cleansing the data, analyzing collected data and potentially publishing the findings.

Internships in: Ghana, Peru, India, China, Armenia

Gerold Dermid

Agency/Organization University of Utah - International Health Programs
Location Ghana, Peru, India, China, Armenia
Payment UNPAID

Project Description: The University of Utah has several unpaid internships in the above mentioned countries for summer 2017. Students in all three track would be eligible for the opportunities. Specific needs and projects vary by site. However, all focus on global health and international development.

More information about Kaiser Permanente University Connection

Join our university talent network to receive information that's tailored to you and your career aspirations.

Contact: Jonna AuCoin, Principal


Project 1

Narrative: Mathematics Homework: Lemelson STEM Academy lost 12% proficiency in mathematics.  In 2016 as identified in state SBAC scores 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th grade students were at 34% proficiency where as in 2017 Lemelson decreased to 22%.  With three fourths of their students not proficient, they would like a systematic and targeted mathematics homework program for all grades, Pre-K through 6th.  This program would need to be 'independent practice and review' as many of their students live in second language homes, have parents that work late and various reasons that math instruction is not able to be effectively taught at home. It is also essential that all grades have leveled homework options.  Below level, on grade level and above/enrichment.  This can be identified and monitored in various ways, the classroom teacher can assign the levels based on current assessments or this proposal could include created assessments that identify levels.  The progress of the students would need to be monitored to assure success and adequate growth.  The groupings should be fluid allowing for the students to move from level to level with their needs being specifically addressed. Ideally, math homework would not be more than 10-15  minutes in Prek-3 and 20-25 minutes in 4-6.  Homework is incentive based, as students will not be punished for not completing homework.  Word and multistep problems are encouraged in upper grades.

Project 2

Needs Assessment of 89512. Develop a needs assessment of the 89512 zip code in Washoe County to dial in and see what the needs are and inform Lemelson on how they can help. Ideally, they would like to focus on mental health, education, health/physical needs and drug abuse issues.

Project 3

Safe Schools Initiative. Work the with Health Science program to identify students and their families who would help with a Safe Schools Initiative. This includes assessing sportsmanship in contact sports over recess, educational success rates of former students, and learning the educational goals of current students. The goal is to learn more about improving educational outcomes that may lead to employment and increasing quality of life for students. 

Nevada Cancer Coalition is a 501c3 non-profit partnership of healthcare agencies, providers and community partners working together to unite organizations and empower Nevadans with information and resources to reduce cancer cases in Nevada and improve cancer survivorship and quality of life through prevention, education, and advocacy.

Kristen Power, Communications Director

About Nevada Cancer Coalition

Nevada Cancer Coalition is a 501c3 non-profit partnership of healthcare agencies, providers and community partners working together to unite organizations and empower Nevadans with information and resources to reduce cancer cases in Nevada and improve cancer survivorship and quality of life through prevention, education, and advocacy.

About the Internship

We are seeking an energetic, outgoing, and motivated strategic communications intern with an interest in health or cancer-related topics. The intern will help with a variety of public relations and communications activities including researching and writing blog posts, articles, and news releases; developing and publishing social media content and evaluating results; assisting with the development of infographics and other educational materials; assisting with a monthly membership newsletter; and ensuring that information on is up to date.

Preferred skills:

  • Strong writing, editing and proofreading skills
  • Excellent organizational skills to manage multiple assignments and meet deadlines
  • Knowledge and understanding of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn
  • Creativity and technical skills to use visuals to convey information ranging from a simple message to complex data
  • Computer savvy; Helpful programs to know include: Microsoft Word, Excel, Publisher and PowerPoint; Wordpress or similar CMS; Constant Contact or similar email platform; Canva; Pixlr or similar photo editor
  • Ability to think on the fly and participate in creative brainstorms for communications and outreach to further the reach of Nevada Cancer Coalition
  • Good judgment, good decision-making ability, and dependability
  • Passion for the Oxford comma

Interested applicants please email resume along with 2-3 writing samples to:

Kristen Power, Communications Director

Nevada Cancer Coalition is a 501c3 non-profit partnership of healthcare agencies, providers and community partners working together to unite organizations and empower Nevadans with information and resources to reduce cancer cases in Nevada and improve cancer survivorship and quality of life through prevention, education, and advocacy.

Kristen Power, Communications Director

We are seeking an energetic, outgoing, and motivated intern with an interest in community outreach, volunteer recruitment, and engagement to help develop a community volunteer program for NCC's Sun Smart Nevada initiative. Sun Smart Nevada is a skin cancer prevention program that focuses on sun safety education, skin cancer early detection, and sunscreen use in the community. Sun Smart Nevada has many requests to "table" at community events by sharing sun safety information and providing free sunscreen stations. In order to expand our reach and spread the Sun Smart Nevada message further into the community, NCC is developing a community volunteer/Sun Smart Nevada ambassador program.

Internship Tasks:

  • Develop a list of volunteer roles and responsibilities.
  • Create a volunteer orientation and training toolkit to educate volunteers on sun safety and skin cancer prevention, as well as their role as a volunteer.
  • Coordinate with program manager to identify upcoming volunteer opportunities and needs.
  • Create and disseminate volunteer recruitment materials.
  • Enroll and begin training volunteers.

Preferred skills and experience:

  • Strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Excellent organizational skills
  • Computer savvy-helpful programs to know include: Microsoft Word, Excel, Publisher and PowerPoint
  • Sound judgement and dependability
  • Community outreach and/or volunteer experience
  • Leadership skills and the ability to work independently
  • Ability to lift up to 30lbs

Interested applicants please email resume and cover letter to:
Kristen Power, Communications Director

Nevada Division of Public and Behavioral Health, Heart and Stroke Prevention Program Contact

Contact: Masako Horino Berger, Health Systems Manager
Phone: (775) 684-5938

Program: Heart and Stroke Prevention Program at Chronic Disease Prevention & Health Promotion

Program Description: The Heart and Stroke Prevention Program is federally funded through the CDC 1305 grant, and is placed in the Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotions (CDPHP) section at Nevada Division of Public and Behavioral Health. The mission of the CDPHP section is to maximize the health of Nevadans by improving policy, systems and environment that influence quality of life. The Heart and Stroke Prevention Program works with critical partners including the Nevada Health Center (NVHC), one of the largest Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) in Nevada, HealthInsight, which serves as the Nevada's Quality Innovation Network-Quality Improvement Organization, Nevada Rural Hospital Partnership and Southern Nevada Health Districts.

Project Overview/Internship Description: The goals of the internship project is: 1) complete the data analysis of NVHC's health profile data from 2015 to 2017, 2) conduct literature reviews and identify the appropriate quality improvement intervention, which can be implemented in the NVHC, and 3) provide a presentation on the findings to the DPBH's internal staff, NVHC's leadership and clinical staff and other critical partners working on the efforts to improve the clinical outcomes related to heart and stroke measures.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Develop proficiency on data cleaning and analysis using the Excel and SAS.
  • Conduct literature reviews using Google Scholar, PubMed and other online search engines.
  • Attend meetings with Nevada's critical partners working on the activities related to Heart and Stroke Prevention.
  • Conduct needs assessment, identify the appropriate quality improvement intervention and develop recommendations for implementation of quality improvement intervention in FQHCs.
  • Provide a presentation on the findings to the DPBH's internal staff and leadership, NVHC's leadership and clinical staff and other critical partners in Nevada.

*Preferred Intern Track:

  • Master of Public Health

**Student Level Experience:

  • Master level

Direct Supervisor

  • Masako Horino Berger, RD, MPH - Health Systems Manager
  • Michael Lowe, PhD - CDC State Assignee Epidemiologist


  • Research and data analysis experience
  • SAS and Excel proficiency
  • Previous work experience at community organizations or in clinical settings
  • Possess good verbal and written communication skills
  • Ability to work independently and efficiently

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

  • Proficient in Microsoft Office applications (Word, Excel, Access)
  • Strong data analytical skills
  • Ability to multi-task and work under pressure to meet deadlines
  • Ethical and professional business behavior
  • Self-motivated and self-directed to work within a team and/or work independently
  • Extremely detail-oriented


  • Presentation on the data analysis of clinical data in one of the Nevada's Federally Qualified Health Centers.
  • Report on the findings

The goals of the Tobacco Prevention and Control Program (TPCP) are to prevent initiation among youth and young adults, eliminate nonsmokers’ exposure to secondhand smoke, and promote quitting among youth and young adults. The program seeks to establish and maintain a comprehensive tobacco control program in keeping with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)’s framework. A policy, systems and environmental change based approach is not only based on current science, but is also the most efficient use of the limited resources available for tobacco prevention and control in Nevada.

David S. Olsen

In collaboration with statewide partners, the program expects to achieve:

  • Increased restriction of tobacco use and enforcement of anti-tobacco policies and programs in schools and on college/university campuses
  • Creation of tobacco-free policies
  • Increase in the number of health care providers and health care systems
  • Increased insurance coverage for cessation services
  • Increased awareness, knowledge, intention to quit, and support for policies that support cessation

Tobacco Prevention and Control Program Internship

Through a partnering organization the TPCP has recently had the Adult Tobacco Survey conducted which has produced a dataset. Recently, a report was produced with analyses of these data. However, the program has a need for additional analyses that were not included in this report. Additionally, there may be more analyses that could benefit the program upon more exploration. The program would welcome an interested graduate level student with an interest in biostatics and/or epidemiology. Basic experience with SAS or SPSS would be beneficial. If there project is able to be completed early, there are shorter special projects that the intern could learn from which would help develop additional skills. Below is an outline of the proposed project:

Project Title: Tobacco Data Surveillance Analysis

  1. Create new ATS analyses including the following as required analyses:
    1. Attitudes and perceptions analysis by tobacco use status
    2. By sexual orientation (n will be small)
    3. By age for at least 6 questions
    4. Explore data visualizations (charts, graphs, infographics)
  2. Explore BRFSS and other data for tobacco surveillance
    1. Brainstorm and prioritize potential requests
    2. Write and submit requests
  3. Examples:
    1. 2011-2015 BRFSS combined smoking rates overall v. veterans to check for significance
    2. Updated 5 year trends for prevalence of tobacco use
  4. Deliverable: Recommendations Report including ATS analyses and data visualizations

Potential Mini-Project: Surveillance of Tobacco-related Medicaid Billing

  1. Research ICD and CPT tobacco related codes
  2. Organize codes for developing surveillance system

Thank you for your interest.

Contact Information:
David S. Olsen
Tobacco Prevention and Control Program Coordinator
Chronic Disease Prevention & Health Promotion
Bureau of Child, Family, & Community Wellness
Division of Public and Behavioral Health
4150 Technology Way, Suite 210 Carson City, NV 89706
Office: 775.684.4237 Cell: 775.230.6589

Contact: Vickie Ives, MA, MCAH Section Manager
Phone: (775) 684-2201

Agency Mission: Our mission is to protect, promote and improve the physical and behavioral health of the people of Nevada.

The Maternal, Child and Adolescent Health Section is searching for an intern for the Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring System (PRAMS) project. PRAMS is an epidemiologic health surveillance project between the DPBH and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), where mothers are surveyed on their health experience before, during, and after pregnancy. The need: The response rate goal set by the CDC for Nevada is 60%. However, the survey has challenges in relation to response rate. The project: Evaluate factors associated with survey response rate. The intern will be expected to: Review relevant literature; become familiar with Nevada's PRAMS protocol; compare Nevada to other PRAMS sites; and make recommendations to increase Nevada's response rate. The end product: a comprehensive report evaluating Nevada's response rate and recommendation on how to improve it.

More information about Nevada Division of Public and Behavioral Health - Office of HIV/AIDS

Guided by the principles of public health and social justice, our mission is to promote health and reduce both the impact and incidence of HIV/AIDS by working in partnership with other agencies and diverse community groups.

Lyell Collins
(702) 486-8105

The Office of HIV/AIDS at the Nevada Division of Public and Behavioral Health is looking for an intern to help conduct a Native American Needs Assessment as it relates to HIV/AIDS. This project would help support the work of the Integrated HIV Prevention and Ryan White Care Plan.

The project will require working with tribal governments in rural areas of Nevada and may require ingenuity to get needed information.

Contact: Gar Gautam, MPH, Data Scientist, (775) 997-7571,

Northern Nevada HOPES is an integrated facility where they offer primary care, behavioral health, infectious disease, and case management services to its adult and pediatric patients.  Improving efficiency and productivity in the clinic is an ongoing process.  A project opportunity for a MPH student would be to work with HOPES data and IT department to track productivity and analyze that data to come up with innovative approaches to improving HOPES' ability to see more patients without compromising on the quality of care.  

Project Description

Many of HOPES' patients utilize more than just one of these service.  HOPES aims to provide the best care at an affordable price and therefore it is important for HOPES to know as much about its patients as possible.  The intern will be able to identify patients who utilize certain services and programs (Ryan White, housing, medication assisted treatment, medical legal partnerships, etc) and provide a breakdown of who they are and how their care can be improved based on the services they utilize, where they live, and what comorbidities they may have.  Hot-spotting of HOPES' patient population, and its different sub-groups will be an ideal outcome of this study.  The goal of this will be able to provide preventive care, and outreach to HOPES' patients and the Reno community to improve individual and family wellness, while also decreasing the number of avoidable ER/Hospital admissions.

More information about Nevada Network Against Domestic Violence (NNADV): MPH Intern

Nevada Network Against Domestic Violence (NNADV) provides statewide advocacy, education and support of the front-line organizations that help those impacted by domestic and sexual violence. We are here to support Nevada’s direct-service organizations that help serve victims of domestic and sexual violence and their families. NNADV supports our member organizations by providing resources, assisting them in finding financial resources to maintain their operations, and providing educational opportunities for their staff, board members, and volunteers, ensuring they have access to best practices.

Judy Henderson
775.828.1115 ext. 15

As NNADV, we provide a resource library, advocacy training, and technical assistance to many of Nevada's domestic and sexual violence programs. Our purpose is to help Nevada's communities respond effectively to the needs of victims of domestic and sexual violence.

In January 2017, we will officially become the Nevada Coalition to End Domestic and Sexual Violence. This time of transition will include a much broader and more inclusive approach to support direct-service organizations. A MPH intern will learn about this processes, the excitement and the challenges that present when conducting needs assessments, statewide training opportunities, organizational rebranding and creating a new website. This statewide experience will be an asset to and enhance their experience.

The Position

We currently have one opening that would be housed in our Reno office and this position would be as a volunteer.

As part of our statewide work, we host a Statewide Health Care Leadership Team that meets quarterly. We are currently working on the development of an online toolkit for healthcare providers. Its purpose is to create an easy access portal that can be used by all healthcare providers to access information on how to screen for relationship abuse, intervene appropriately, document, and provide referrals to community-based advocacy programs. This toolkit is in its early stages so the intern will be key in taking the ideas and concepts from this Team and making them a reality. We have collected quite a few materials that need to be reviewed and formatted for website posting. We currently have a list of resources posted that needs updating.

This is an exciting project that has the potential to reach all healthcare providers across Nevada. We welcome an intern to adopt this project as their own with the guidance of the Statewide HealthCare Leadership Team and our staff.

Americans spend well over $100 Billion dollars annually on lower back pain. By identifying movement abnormalities before they cause damage, these costs can be significantly lowered and many people helped to avoid the pain and disability that chronic lower back pain can cause.

Kirk Sachtler, PT, DPT, OCS, CMPT, CSCS, Cert.DN

Goal 1: To determine the incidence and prevalence of movement disorders and Low back pain syndromes as a result of growth spurts in adolescent and teen children.

Goal 2: To develop a community based educational program to educate physicians, school coaches, and parents regarding this syndrome.

Goal 3: To develop a simple platform to train physicians, coaches, and parents in the recognition, treatment, and prevention of this syndrome.

Requirements: The successful intern will need to have excellent presentation skills, will need solid skills in the use of computers and multimedia, and be a competent researcher. Additionally, it would be most helpful if the intern had experience in exercise, sport, or other fitness-based activities.

Edie Mattox

Las Vegas, NV

Potential Internship Projects in OCDPHP:

  • Conduct an evaluation of the Coaches Health Challenge Program
  • Develop content, message and expansion strategies for Soda Free Summer Initiative; Develop a Sugar Sweetened Beverage Display Kit
  • Review and update content and recommendations for several online programs including the Get Healthy Holiday Challenge and the 10 in 10 Program
  • Assist with social media message content and conduct website user audits

Potential Internship projects in ODS:

  • Assist in setting up procedures for the Needle exchange project.
  • Evaluate the Needle exchange project, with some survey and community engagement.

Clinical Services Focal Areas:

  • Communicable diseases: population level responses, biopsychosocial considerations, underserved/never-served populations, and program development
  • Violence: an overarching public health issue with a focus on prevention, intervention, response, and referral to community partners
  • Health disparities: assessing burden of disease, injury, violence and subsequent barriers to achieving optimal health and initiatives to promote and obtain optimal health
  • Programmatic: community needs assessment, data analysis, program development, implementation and evaluation
  • Prevention/Intervention: evidence based and/or research informed practices to improve population health, address communicable diseases, and reduce violence and injury across the life cycle
  • Capacity building: clinical services workforce, enhancing programs, new initiatives, community partner collaboration, research, funding
  • CHO: a project on access to care; another on public health funding; a third on chronic diseases

More information about Uganda Village Project

Thomas Karrel
(203) 451-6278

As a grassroots public health organization working in rural villages, Uganda Village Project offers interns hands-on experience in the following areas:
Monitoring and Evaluation: collecting household surveys to measure knowledge and behaviors
Work in an interdisciplinary, cross-cultural team (interns from Uganda, US, Europe, Australia, and more)
Collaborate with community leaders to identify and address a village's most pressing health concerns
Conduct educational sessions (sensitizations) in coordination with Village Health Team Members (VHTs)

Our internship has also served as a practicum for some students, and we encourage students with varying levels of travel and professional experience to apply. To give you more insight into the experience of our interns, we have attached a blog post from our team from the Nabirere village in 2016.

We would appreciate if you could pass along this opportunity to your students.

If you would like more detailed information, please feel free to contact me directly to schedule some to talk or visit our website to learn more.

Lean Systems Redesign Intern

Katie Mosby, MHA
(775) 789-6647


VA MISSION: To fulfill President Lincoln's promise - "To care for him who shall have borne the battle, and for his widow, and his orphan" - by serving and honoring the men and women who are America's Veterans. How would you like to become a part of a team providing compassionate care to Veterans?

ABOUT RENO VA: The VA Sierra Nevada Health Care System (VASNHCS), Reno, NV, provides primary and secondary care to a large geographical area that includes 20 counties in northern Nevada and northeastern California. The Reno VA is the teaching affiliate of the University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine, the state's only medical school, and the Schools of Nursing and Social Work.

ABOUT SYSTEMS REDESIGN: The Secretary of Veterans Affairs established Lean as the official change methodology for our Blueprint for Excellence and approach for improvement. The Blueprint for Excellence as the MyVA initiative is what drives System Redesign improvements within each facility. The Systems Redesign team here at VA Sierra Nevada Health Care System coordinates and facilitates all Lean process improvement efforts to remove waste (overproduction, defects, waiting, non-utilized talent, excess motion, extra processing) and provide the best services for our Veterans. The SR Team provides Lean training and coaching for employee-driven teams participating in process improvement projects using Lean methodology. We collaborate with local and national Executive Leadership Teams to ensure projects are aligned with strategic planning at all levels. We encourage you to consider joining our team, which values a healthy home/work life balance and is consistently rewarded by the role played in keeping the promise to those who served.


OVERVIEW: The VA Sierra Nevada Health Care System Lean Intern works under the direction of the Chief of Systems Redesign. Incumbent is expected to attend 40 hour Yellow and Green Belt training from April 10th to April 14th 2017. The incumbent will then co-lead, as a Green Belt candidate, transformational activities which improve quality, safety, effectiveness and efficiency throughout the organization to complete Green Belt Certification.

The incumbent will assist the Systems Redesign Team in facility-wide efforts for the establishment of Lean project management, specialized support, and guidance for hospital strategic planning and performance improvement. This internship will provide the incumbent mentorship and coaching by the Systems Redesign Team during the entirety of the internship. The incumbent will be expected to attend and co-facilitate project meetings, meet with the hospital's leaders and stakeholders, learn/use Lean tools and processes, advocate for Lean adoption in improvement efforts across the health care system, build spreadsheets and trend data, and act as a team player.

Work Schedule

Part-time between the hours of 7:30 am to 4:00 pm, Monday-Friday; hours to be coordinated with Chief of Systems Redesign Service based on candidate's availability. (5 to 20 hours max per week).

Basic Requirements

  • Review supporting documents, data, guidelines and directives, process maps, etc.
  • Utilize data bases to retrieve data.
  • Team player, open minded, innovative, and energetic.
  • Deal effectively with people from a wide variety of educational and socioeconomic backgrounds involving sensitive and controversial issues.
  • Effective communication skills. Demonstrates the ability to creatively organize and communicate information in writing for the appropriate audience and accomplishes the intended purposes. Listens with the intention of understanding. Demonstrates ability to communicate verbally with effective use of body movement, posture, position, eye contact, verbal and non-verbal skills.
  • Utilize Microsoft applications such as Outlook, Excel, Visio, and Word.
  • Respect for all people.

Preferred Experience

  • Junior of Undergraduate through Graduate level education course work.
  • Basic understanding of healthcare systems.
  • Basic understanding of project management and Lean.
  • Problem solving skills: Assists other in resolving problems, by helping to clarify issues and identifying and evaluating alternatives. Involves facilitating the process, rather than providing answers.
  • Questioning skills: Appropriately uses the following types of questions to learn, clarify, gain understanding and encourage a speaker (open-ended questions, focused questions, closed questions, probing questions.)
  • Worked with interdisciplinary teams.

Duration of Internship

April 2017 to August 2017 (extension is possible as needed by Service for continuing students).

Contact Information

For any questions or to set up an interview please contact:

Katie Mosby, MHA
Systems Redesign Coordinator

2 Internships are available. Please see below.

More information about Washoe County Health District

Contact: Catrina Peters, MS, RD Catrina Peters, MS, RD, Director of Programs and Projects

Phone: (775) 328-2401

1st Internship

MPH Intern Project Description Project Title: 2018-2020 Community Health Improvement Plan In 2016, Washoe County Health District in partnership with Truckee Meadows Healthy Communities, developed and published a Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) that identified goals, priorities and corresponding objectives to improve the community health needs identified in the 2015 Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA). As the 2016-2018 CHIP is coming to a close, a 2018-2020 CHIP will be developed through Truckee Meadows Healthy Communities to meet the needs identified in the 2017 Community Health Needs Assessment. While the 2017 CHNA has not yet been released, this internship project will provide support towards accomplishing the goals and priority areas identified in the 2018-2020 CHIP which may include behavioral health, access to healthcare or educational attainment. This internship position will support the 2018-2020 by completing any of the following activities: 1. Conducting background research on: a. best practices for approaches to implementing CHIPs b. specific CHIP priority areas needs or gaps in service c. gather qualitative data in support of determining best approaches for implementing the CHIP d. identification of community partners, agencies or non-profits currently doing work in specific focus areas 2. Supporting CHIP priority areas by: a. Assisting with the coordination of community events b. Participating and/or coordinating focus area working groups c. Supporting focus area workgroups by developing information reports or presentations Skills needed: 1. Strong written and oral communication skills including the ability to conduct a formal presentations to a variety of audiences 2. Familiarity with CHNAs and CHIPs 3. Ability to coordinate workgroup meetings and community outreach events 4. Ability to develop written materials such as reports and best practice summaries for community health related focus areas This is a paid internship. For questions or further inquiries please contact Catrina Peters, Director of Programs and Projects at

2nd Internship

Behavioral Health Gap Analysis and Policy Recommendations In an effort to address the behavioral health needs across Nevada, AB 336 was passed in the 2017 legislative session creating 4 regional Behavioral Health Boards. The Washoe County Regional Behavioral Health Board (WCRBHB) consists of 13 members including the Washoe County District Health Officer. The Regional Board advises the State Department of Health and Human Services, the Division of Public and Behavioral Health and the Nevada Behavioral Health Commission on matters related to identified gaps in behavioral health services and any recommendations or service enhancements to address those gaps, amongst other responsibilities. This internship position will support the WCRBHB by completing any of the following activities: 1. Conducting background research on: a. successful regional behavioral health systems b. gaps in current behavioral health services available c. best practices for evidence based local level behavioral health services to support a healthy community d. model policy/policies to address behavioral health needs 2. Participating in drafting an annual report that includes: a. Profiles of substance use and abuse, problem gambling and suicide b. Relevant behavioral health prevalence data for Washoe County c. The behavioral health priorities set for Washoe County d. Any other information deemed necessary by the policy board 3. Assist in drafting potential bill draft request language for legislation to address the behavioral health issues identified. Skills needed: 1. Strong written and oral communication skills including the ability to conduct formal presentations to a variety of audiences 2. Ability to gather primary and secondary data sources and clearly articulate conclusions and policy recommendations from that data 3. Familiarity with current challenges in the behavioral health field This is a paid internship. For questions or further inquiries please contact Catrina Peters, Director of Programs and Projects at

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