B.S. in Psychology (Psychological Science)

The psychology degree research track requires 40 credits and is designed to ensure that students who plan to go to graduate school in an area of psychology that emphasizes research (ex: cognitive, social, etc.) are particularly ready to do so. Students must take a wider variety of courses that are typically either required or greatly desired by graduate school admission committees in these types of programs.

This track also requires that a good GPA (3.0 in psychology classes and 2.75 overall) be maintained since it is unrealistic to expect to get into graduate school with average grades.

A student does not have to officially decide on declaring the track until junior year. Many classes will fulfill requirements for the general and research psychology tracks. However, the sooner decided by the student, the better able to schedule classes toward graduation. Also, if students begin in the research track but grades are not up to par, all of the courses should still fit in either the liberal arts track or as general electives.

Interested in pursuing a degree in Psychological Science?

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