William O'Donohue, Ph.D.

Director of the Psychological Services Center, Professor


Professor O'Donohue has received advanced degrees in both clinical psychology and philosophy. He has published 90 books and over 300 journal articles and book chapters. He is a licensed clinical psychologist in the state of Nevada. He has directed a clinic at UNR for the past 27 years that provides free assessment and psychotherapy to children and adults who have been sexually abused, supported by a grant from the National Institute of Justice. He has had grants that exceed $3 million. He has served as a consultant to the U.S. military and to attornies on a variety of issues related to evidence based practice. He has served on an American Psychiatric Association committee to revised the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual.

Research interests

  • Forensic psychology
  • Sexual assault
  • Forensic interviewing
  • Evidence based practice
  • Integrated care
  • Philosophy of psychology

Courses taught

  • PSY 771 - Clinical Psychology: Professional Ethics
  • PSY 715 - Clinical Supervision


  • M.A. in Philosophy, Indiana University, 1988
  • Ph.D. in Psychology, SUNY at Stony Brook, 1986
  • M.S. in Psychology, SUNY at Stony Brook, 1982
  • B.S. in Psychology, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, 1979

Recent journal articles

  • O’Donohue, W., & Fisher, J.E. (2022). Are illiberal acts unethical?: APA’s Ethics Code and the protection of free speech. American Psychologist.77(8), 875–886.
  • O’Donohue, W. (2023). The scientific status of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy: An analysis from the philosophy of science. Behavior Therapy.
  • O’Donohue, W. (2023). Rhetoric and clinical science: Maximizing rationality within post-justificationist knowledge. Clinical Psychological Science, 11(4).
  • O’Donohue, W. & Fisher, J.E. (2023). Accusation is not proof: Procedural justice in psychology. Clinical Psychological Science.11(4)
  • Hunley, B. & O’Donohue, W. (2022). The psychometric adequacy of adult forensic interview protocols for sexual assault: A literature review. Journal of Police and Criminal Psychology, 38, 38-54.
  • O’Donohue, W., Silander, N., Frisby, C., & Fisher, J.E. (in press). A challenge to orthodoxy in psychology: Thomas Sowell and social justice. Perspectives in Psychological Science.
  • Hunley, B., O’Donohue, W., Miller, M. (in press). Expert testimony regarding typical or counterintuitive adult sexual assault behavior: A review.” University of Illinois Chicago Law Review.

Recent books

  • O’Donohue, W. & Schewe, P. (2020) (Eds). Handbook of sexual assault. New York: Springer.
  • Benuto, L., Duckworth, M., Masuda, A., & O’Donohue, W. (2019). (Eds). Prejudice, oppression, discrimination and bias. New York: Springer.
  • O’Donohue, W. & Zimmermann, M. (2021). (Eds). Integrated care and evidence based prevention. New York: Springer.
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