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How to apply to the Honors College

The Honors College application form is accessed through the general University admissions portal. You must create an account and apply to the University prior to applying to the Honors College. Once you have applied for admission to the University, access the portal again and select “Application for Honors College Admissions” from the drop-down menu to apply to the Honors College.

In order to complete the Honors College application form, applicants must enter basic demographic and educational information as well as information on significant past activities. A 500-word essay is also required. In order to complete the essay, select the honors mission pillar that interests you most and/or responds best to your strengths and describe how membership in the Honors College will support your development in this area. The honors living learning community application is included (see below).

Admissions decisions are released via the application portal, and applicants must log back in to the portal to accept admission to the Honors College. Applicants are encouraged to monitor the status of their recommendations by logging into the application portal. Applications cannot be reviewed until both recommendations have been received. Additional copies of test scores and transcripts are not required by the Honors College.

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Applying to the Honors Residential Scholars Community

The Honors Residential Scholars Community, or Honors LLC, in addition to providing a supportive living and learning environment for first-year honors students, prepares residents to participate in an international trip during winter or summer break via its common course, HON 215, and explores issue in the course related to diversity, equity and inclusion, as well as internationalization and globalization. Residents are strongly encouraged to participate in these study abroad opportunities (financial support for travel is available from the Honors College). In selecting residents, priority is given to students who are members of underrepresented populations, who are not residents of Washoe County, who demonstrate financial need, and/or who demonstrate significant motivation to travel abroad.

Applicants should be advised that they must complete two distinct applications in order to be considered for placement in the Honors LLC: the Honors College admission application and the University housing application (where students must also indicate their interest in the Honors LLC). The Honors College works closely with the Office of Residential Life, Housing & Food Services to place interested students in its LLC. Once students have been placed in the Honors LLC, honors advising staff will assist them in enrolling in HON 215. All other housing-related matters fall under the purview of the Office of Residential Life, Housing & Food Service; Honors College staff are unable to advise on such matters.

Space in the Honors LLC is very limited (usually 40 or fewer beds; typical Honors College first-year freshmen cohorts range from 250-350 students). Students wishing to reside in the Honors LLC are encouraged to submit their applications as early as possible in the admissions cycle. Students who apply to the Honors College earlier in the year have a greater chance of being offered a space in the Honors LLC; students who apply in late spring or summer are unlikely to secure an Honors LLC bed spot.

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