About the Honors Program

About the Honors Program

The Honors Program seeks to provide students who are both academically talented and highly motivated with an undergraduate education that nurtures and promotes their capacities to think competently, understand deeply and act ethically. The Honors Program is University-wide and is designed to enhance all majors. Resilience, ingenuity, stewardship, and equity are characteristics that form the core of our program mission and guide our students’ paths from admission to graduation…and beyond.


The Honors Program offers students a rewarding curriculum of study. Each semester the Honors Program offers dozens of different honors classes.


The Honors Program maintains some forms online for students, from admissions to change of status forms.

Graduation information

Learn about Honors Program graduation requirements and special recognition at graduation ceremonies.

Program requirements

Learn about Honors Program requirements, including credit requirements, graduating with honors, leave of absences and more.