The University of Nevada, Reno Office of Undergraduate (and Graduate) Fellowships assists students, including undergraduates, graduates, and recent alumni interested in pursuing a national fellowship, grant or award. We provide resources and support throughout the application process, from outreach events on campus, to one-on-one mentoring, to celebrating students' success.

Each year, outstanding University of Nevada students receive generous awards for undergraduate and graduate study, research, teaching and public service in the United States and throughout the world; our students have been successful winners of virtually every nationally competitive award, including the Truman Scholarship, Rhodes Scholarship, Marshall Scholarship, Goldwater Scholarship, Boren Scholarship and numerous Fulbright awards. In addition to their accomplishments in the classroom, these students further distinguished themselves by engaging in undergraduate research, making a sustained focus on public or community service and their commitment to excellence.

Student spotlights

Headshot of Ryan Lockhart smiling in front of a snowy mountain

Congratulations to Gilman Award Recipient, Ryan Lockhart!

Headshot of Viktor Cruz-Calderon

Congratulations to Gilman Award Recipient, Viktor Cruz-Calderon!

Mission statement

The office supports young scholars in academic and professional development by identifying and recruiting students to apply to nationally and internationally competitive scholarships, working with them through the application process, and representing University of Nevada, Reno students to other offices and institutions.


  1. Identifying and recruiting students to both apply for fellowships as well enroll in the Honors College
  2. Training and supporting students through the application process and professionalizing them for the world at large
  3. Connecting and liaising with other offices and agencies to better represent University of Nevada, Reno students to the world