Honors Student Council

The Honors Student Council is an inclusive group that aims to foster a positive and nurturing environment to members of the Honors College, to act as a liaison between Honors College students and staff/faculty, and to provide an atmosphere conducive to intensified learning for motivated students.

Honors Student Council Executive Board

The Honors Student Council Executive Board is a team of dedicated students elected in the spring to serve as leaders of the council. The executive board currently consists of the President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, and the directors of committees. Information about running for one of these positions will be sent out during the spring semester.

The executive board is in charge of planning events, building community, creating other programming, reaching out into the community, and communicating between the honors staff and the rest of the student body. The executive team holds weekly meetings in the honors office that are open to anyone interested in attending. Dates and times of these meetings change every semester but are posted on the Honors Student Council white board in the Honors Program office along with other upcoming events.

Additionally, any student interested in participating is encouraged to join one of the committees. Students should email hsc.unr@gmail.com to inquire about getting involved. There are no qualifications for being an active part of the Honors Student Council. Feel free to reach out to the executive board via email with any questions or recommendations.

Follow the Honors Student Council on Instagram at @hsc_unr.

Meet the Honors Student Council

Maggie Dial
  • President 
  • Maggie Dial; She/Her
  • Major(s) and Minor(s): Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Chemistry Minor
  • Year: Junior
  • Hobbies: violin, crocheting, collecting squishmallows
Sri Jangili
  • Vice President
  • Sri Jangili; He/Him
  • Major(s) and Minor(s): Political Science Major and International Affairs Major
  • Economic Policy Minor and Cybersecurity Minor
  • Year: Senior
  • Hobbies: interested in sports, especially soccer and cricket; reading, gaming and photography
Sarah Gu
  • Secretary
  • Sarah Gu; She/Her
  • Major(s) and Minor(s):Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Major, with a Statistics Minor
  • Year: Senior
  • Hobbies: eating food spicier than I can handle and regretting it, PokeĢmonGo (trainer code @ 5104 3612 9953) and raising plants
Erin Lovell
  • Treasurer
  • Erin Lovell; She/Her
  • Major(s) and Minor(s): Biology major, Psychology minor
  • Year: Junior
  • Hobbies: Skiing and rock climbing

Honors College Representatives

The Honors College Representatives aim to be the representatives of each of the colleges which honors students fall in, within the Honors Student Council. These appointed representatives oversee programming, intercollege relations, and the development of community within the Honors Students within each college.

Apply to become an Honors College Representative

Reserving lounge space

Honors Student Council is complying with new Honors College office and social distancing policies. We are dedicated to helping you. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Lounge space in the Honors office can be reserved by a reservation form.

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