Graduate student clubs and organizations provide a great opportunity to meet new people, learn about new cultures, expand your interests and hobbies, and make an impact on our campus. Recognized clubs and organizations are eligible to apply for event funding from the Graduate Student Association Council. If you don't see the type of club you're looking for, consider starting a new club!

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  • Association for Women in Mathematics

    We are a student chapter of the Association for Women in Mathematics (AMW). The purpose of our chapter is to support and encourage women in mathematics and related fields through mentoring, professional development, and social events. Our chapter is open to both graduate students and undergraduate students.

  • Bangladeshi Student Association of the University of Nevada, Reno

    Protect, advance, facilitate and serve the interests of the University's students of Bangladeshi descent. Promote greater participation with the University's community by these students to promote goals of mutual understanding and benefits. Enhancing enrollment of high school graduates originating from families of Bangladeshi descent. Foster international understanding and goodwill among University students through educational and recreational events. Pursue and promote extra-curricular activities in the campus.

  • Behavior Analysis Club

    The purpose of the BA Club is to promote and support the academic interests, professional development e.g. through structured dissemination efforts to undergraduate students as well as local communities, and development of mentorship skill sets of graduate students enrolled in the Behavior Analysis Program (Department of Psychology, University of Nevada, Reno).

  • Chemistry Graduate Student Association (CGSA)

    The CGSA aims to provide graduate students in the Department of Chemistry with the means to express their opinions and address issues which affect them directly, as well as broader policies which deal with the department as a whole. Promote and enhance interaction among students, faculty, and staff; to foster a climate in which all graduate student in the department feel a sense of community and belonging; and to work to enhance the reputation and prestige of the Department of Chemistry through community outreach and funding of conference participants.

  • Cognitive and Brain Sciences Club

    The purpose of Cognitive Brain Sciences Club is to promote research, education, training and development of graduate students in the realm of Cognitive Psychology at the University of Nevada, Reno. Specifically, the following objectives are proposed: To provide a forum for students, faculty and members of the public to present, discuss and debate various topics and research related to the field. To encourage and support the advancement of understanding about the brain in future generations of students, as well as the greater public, through outreach events held at local schools, venues, organizations and establishments. To assist interdepartmental student recruitment, orientation and retention by the creation of informal and formal environments for socializing and networking within the field of Cognitive Brain Sciences and the like.

  • Communication Graduate Student Association

    The Communication Graduate Student Association is the University of Nevada, Reno Communication Studies Department's official club of Communication Studies graduate students. The CGSA aims to support and uplift our academic community with the goal of contributing to a thriving and curious environment, and to empower graduate students to do meaningful and impactful research in the discipline. The CGSA invites and encourages the participation of students of diverse nations, religions, races and ethnicities, gender identities and sexual orientations.

  • Ecology, Evolution, and Conservation Biology (EECB) Outreach Club

    The EECB Outreach Club is dedicated to fostering interactions between the graduate program in Ecology, Evolution, and Conservation Biology (EECB) and the University of Nevada, Reno and surrounding communities. We aim to organize at least two outreach programs per year (one per semester) that are open to the public, with the goal of expanding knowledge about scientific ideas. We also aim to establish and maintain connections with on-and off-campus community service and science education organizations, and encourage the participation of EECB graduate students in community outreach.

  • Economics Graduate Student Organization (EGSO)

    The purpose of EGSO shall be to provide a platform to all the graduate students of the Department of Economics at University of Nevada, Reno (UNR) to present their research to their peers and faculty, get feedback and discuss about their ideas through a series of short seminars. The platform can also be used by the graduate students to practice their presentations for university-level competitions like 3-Minute Thesis, Poster Symposium, job interviews or proposal/dissertation defense. The organization would be administered by the graduate students and would actively work to promote the research of the graduate students in the Department of Economics on campus whenever and wherever possible. It would also serve as a platform where students may collaborate with each other on research.

  • English Graduate Organization

    EGO's goal is to create opportunities for students in the English graduate department at the University of Nevada, Reno to improve their academic, professional and social lives.

  • Iranian Student Association

    The Iranian Student Association tries to provide an integrated society and support system for Iranian students. This organization aims to enhance Iranians' contributions to the University community. The club introduces Iranian culture and history to both the Iranian and non-Iranian public by organizing social events and celebrating Iranian traditions and events.

  • Everest Sports Club

    Everest Sports Club aims to bring Graduate students at the University of Nevada, Reno together through sports. This club mainly focuses on leisure sports, like friendly volleyball and soccer games and tournaments during summer break. 

  • Forrest and Lake Cooperative of Nevada

    Feeling stressed? We'll help you find the best hiking, camping, and natural swimming locations in Northern Nevada to get away from it all. We also coordinate graduate students nature excursions and help facilitate carpooling for those without suitable transportation.

  • Graduate Chemical and Materials Engineering Society (​gCHEMATEs​)

    The gCHEMATES Graduate Student club brings together graduate students in Chemical and Materials Engineering to foster academic and social interaction between all members.

  • Graduate Geography Club

    The Geo-Grad Club's mission is to bring together graduate students within the Department of Geography and those from other disciplines at the University interested in geography and the activities of the club.

  • The Graduate Popcorn Club

    The Graduate Popcorn Club at the University of Nevada, Reno is a platform for graduate students to share their love of movies and to gain cultural knowledge through classic, modern, and international films showings and discussions.

  • Graduate Women in Science

    The purpose of this organization is to provide a support platform for graduate students in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM), primarily serving women graduate students in STEM, at the University of Nevada, Reno via networking and bringing together members having similar interests in professional and personal growth.

  • Indian Student Organization (ISO)

    Indian Student Organization (ISO) is a part of University of Nevada, Reno international student groups. We heartily welcome your interest in our organization. Indian Student Organization (ISO) was formed with the intention to serve graduate students from India and celebrate Indian culture at the University of Nevada, Reno. We organize various cultural events, like Diwali and Holi, and showcase Indian culture and cuisine at Night of All Nations every year. We also provide complete support to new incoming students from India by answering their queries about the University, airport pickup on arrival, temporary accommodation and help them settle down at the University.

  • International Foodie Club

    The purpose of this organization is to provide a stress-relief mechanism for graduate students at the University of Nevada, Reno via networking and bringing together members having a similar interest in food and cooking of different kinds of cuisines. The mission of the organization is to develop an appreciation in students to international cuisine through sharing recipes and cooking instructions throughout the club.

  • Mechanical Engineering Graduate Student Association

    The Mechanical Engineering GSA wishes to bring fellow Mechanical Engineering graduate students together to collaborate and support young professionals in our field.

  • Nepalese Student Association

    Established and recognized by the GSA in 2006, the Nepalese Student Association (NSA) remains active today and proudly organizes both social and cultural events for graduate students. Join us!

  • Nevada Biosciences Association

    We are an interdisciplinary graduate student body representing five departments: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Biology, Biomedical Engineering, Cell and Molecular Biology, and Cellular and Molecular Pharmacology and Physiology. We are here to represent our graduate students and provide you with unique networking and educational opportunities.

  • Nevada Association for Psychological Science (NAPS)
  • Queer Grad Collective

    The Queer Grad Collective @ Nevada, Reno is run by graduate students from across the University. Open to any LGBTQIA+ individual, we created a group that intersects across all departments on campus. We work to create safe spaces, opportunities for social engagement and an open and welcome environment for all.

  • Rhetoric@Reno (Rhetoric Society of America)

    We are a graduate student chapter of the Rhetoric Society of America, a national organization of scholars and teachers in every discipline who are interested in rhetoric. Rhetoric@Reno provides a forum to gather as rhetoricians and welcomes students from all disciplinary backgrounds. The club activities are organized around research, writing and professionalization.

  • Social Psychology Club

    The Social Psychology Club is comprised of members of the interdisciplinary social psychology graduate program, as well as others interested in the area of social psychology (both psychological and sociological). The club offers educational, social, and service events to its members.

  • Social Work Graduate Student Association

    Social Work Associated Graduates (SWAG) is the club for graduate social work students. Our goal is to bring social work students together in order to build relationships and a platform to connect to local agencies to give resources and aid to those in need in our community. We also coordinate and host the spring convocation celebration for graduating social work students, at both the undergraduate and graduate level.

  • Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics

    SIAM@UNR, the student chapter for the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics at the University of Nevada, Reno is a club for graduate student interested in STEM area. Our goal of is to promote research that will lead to effective new mathematical and computational methods and techniques for science, engineering, industry, and society. We are planning to organize some workshop about coding (daily R Studio and Python) and to help students to be familiar with important tool like Git and to managing data held in a relational database management system with SQL.

  • Tahoe FC, University of Nevada, Reno

    We, the students of University of Nevada, Reno, believe that physical and mental fitness can help us to flourish both academically and professionally. Soccer is one of the most popular sports that can help to improve the physical fitness as well as reduce the stress and anxiety. Moreover, a team game like soccer creates the possibility of growing mutual understanding and respect and rationality.

  • University Badminton Club

    The University of Nevada, Reno Badminton Club brings together all the students, both domestic and international students who love playing badminton for fun or recreation and enthusiasts. In order to take the time off from class and research, UNR badminton club intends to organize a 2-day badminton tournament every semester forming teams and playing friendly badminton tournaments. GSA's recognition will help the club to market the event to interested students throughout campus to be part of the club and also the funding from GSA will be used for shuttle supplies. This initiative will also bring the domestic students closer to an international group of students to learn the sport.

  • University Herpetological Society

    The mission of the UNR Herpetology Club is to engage students in herpetological related learning opportunities with local experts, relevant research articles, and exciting hands-on experiences. In addition, we strive to break stereotypes about reptiles and amphibians and reach students and community members who may dislike reptiles out of fear or ignorance.

  • University Interprofessional Education Committee

    The purpose of this organization is to bring health care students together to discuss topics regarding interprofessional education and to help create opportunities within their schools to offer early access to interprofessional interaction. This organization will help foster interprofessional relationships within the University of Nevada, Reno student body and aims to ensure that we enter the work force with a greater understanding and appreciation for our colleagues around us who help in the care of patients in whatever capacity that may be.

  • University Masters Society of Public Health

    The University Masters Society of Public Health will promote overall health and well-being for its members and community through relationship-building, collaboration, community outreach, and promotional health equity in our learning and work.

  • University Public Health Ph.D. Student Association

    The Public Health Ph.D. Student Association will promote the physical health, emotional health and career paths of its members through formal relationships with the Associated Students of the University of Nevada Center for Student Engagement and University of Nevada, Reno School of Public Health faculty governance, communal support and promotion of activities that will support this mission.