Graduate student club and organization handbook

It is important for each club to read and understand the policies and guidelines established by the GSA. The handbook provides nearly all of the information and answers clubs and organizations need in order to comply with GSA policies, thereby maximizing potential GSA funding for your club or organization. 

A. Why become a GSA-recognized club?

  1. A club must officially be recognized by GSA to receive any GSA funding.
  2. You must be recognized by GSA to use the facilities at the Joe Crowley Student Union.

B. How do you become a recognized GSA club?

  1. In order to be considered for GSA recognition, an organization must not be discriminatory with regards to race, color, creed, religion, national origin, age, sex, handicap and any other type of discrimination.
  2. Groups seeking recognition must submit the following items to the GSA:
    1. Brief description of the organization’s purpose and activities
    2. Copy of the organization’s Constitution
    3. GSA Application for Club Recognition form
    4. List of members
  3. Submit the GSA club recognition items one week prior to a GSA council meeting. GSA council meeting schedule is available at GSA website. A club representative must be present at the next GSA council meeting and describe their club.

C. Recognized GSA Club

  1. Once an organization has been recognized, each year that organization needs to submit an updated club recognition form along with updated constitution and updated list of members on or before 31 st October of each academic year.
  2. Keep checking GSA website for any GSA policy, bylaw and constitution change. GSA will not be responsible for informing its clubs individually.

D. GSA club services

  1. Webpages: Clubs should maintain their website and or social media page. GSA will provide a link to your club’s web page through our website. 
  2. Room Reservations: GSA recognized clubs can reserve rooms in the JCSU. Rooms are available on a first-come, first-served basis and generally fill up early in the semester. The clubs should contact the JCSU Scheduling Office for more information.

E. Guidelines for writing a club constitution

Your constitution should clearly describe how your organization will conduct business. This willbe especially important when you are no longer at Nevada and others have to follow in yourfootsteps. It should include your purpose, how officers are elected and what they are responsiblefor, how money will be handled, how business will be conducted, and more. View an example of a club constitution. The following temple can also be usedfor writing the constitution:

  • Article I Preamble: State the purpose and aims of your organization.
  • Article II Name: State the full name of the organization.
  • Article III Membership: State requirements, rights, duties, resignation, and termination methods for members. Remember, according to University policy, no organization may discriminate in its membership with regards to race, color, creed, national origin, age, sex, handicap or sexual orientation.
  • Article IV Officers: List the officers of your organization, method of selection, term of office and general duties.
  • Article V Executive Council: State the composition of the Executive Council (committee or board) and method of the selection to members, their term of office, general duties, authority, and responsibility. Provision for vacancies of officers or other executive council members may be included in a section under this article.
  • Article VI Quorum: State the size for all of your organization’s regular meetings.
  • Article VII Parliamentary Procedures: Questions of parliamentary procedure shall be decided according to Robert’s Rules of Order, latest Edition.
  • Article VIII Amendments: Amendments require previous notification to the membership and 2/3’s or 3/4’s affirmative vote of those present and voting, or those present for this adoption.

F. Club funding request guidelines

  1. Eligibility
    1. Only clubs and organizations that have been officially recognized by the GSA for the current academic year are eligible to apply for funding. Funding for an event is contingent upon the availability of GSA funds and the approval from GSA club funding committee.
  2. Funding limits
    1. Clubs will be funded a maximum of $500.00 per academic year.
    2. Clubs can request funds for items such as food, beverages, event equipment, venue reservation fees, Travel cost for guest speaker, printing cost for flyer, etc.
    3. Clubs cannot request funds for alcohol, honorariums, gifts, prizes, etc.
  3. Funding request procedure
    1. In order to receive funding, you must present your request at a club funding committee meeting before the date of your event. Determine the date of the club funding committee meeting at which you would like to request funding from GSA. The committee meets every other Tuesday during the academic year. Committee meeting dates are available on the GSA website. Clubs can also call GSA office and know the meeting schedule.
    2. The Club Funding Request form must be hand-delivered to the GSA Office (JCSU 302) by 5pm on the Tuesday one week prior to the club funding committee meeting at which you will present your request.
    3. A club representative must be present at the GSA club funding committee meeting at which the request is considered. The representative will be required to present a brief overview of your event, and answer any questions asked by GSA club funding committee members.
  4. Advertising the event
    1. Clubs are required to advertise their events through flyers and social media.
    2. Clubs should prepare a flyer for events containing the following information: Event name, Date, Venue, Time, GSA logo and UNR logo, entry fees. The logos can be found at GSA website under “Clubs and Organizations”.
    3. The club should email the flyer to the GSA at least one week before the event.
  5. Requesting reimbursement
    1. Clubs must contact the GSA advisor well in advance to use GSA purchase card.
    2. For travel cost of a guest speaker, the clubs must contact the GSA staff well in advance for filling out additional forms.
    3. The clubs are responsible for making all purchases associated with the events. The clubs must obtain itemized receipts for all purchases. Receipts must show a description of every item that was purchased.
    4. All purchases should be tax exempt. The tax exemption form can be found at the GSA website under “Clubs and Organizations”
    5. Within seven business days following the event, the club must submit to the GSA office a copy of all the receipts for which the club are requesting reimbursement and the the event’s flyer.