Three Minute Thesis Competition

The Three Minute Thesis Competition (3MT) is an exciting, fast-paced event showcasing the research of graduate students across campus. Each scholar is given three minutes to present their research displayed to the audience and judging panel in a single presentation slide. The competition boasts cash prizes for winners in each category.

You'll be amazed at what these scholars can fit into a three-minute presentation. You don't want to miss this competition!

The deadline to compete has passed for 2021, but check back in January of 2022 for next year's deadline.

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2020-2021 Finalists and winners

Doctoral category


FIRST PLACE: Elizabeth Preston
  • Graduate Program: Rhetoric and Composition
  • Title:  Humor Me: Using Humor Writing to Teach FYC Students Rhetoric and Composition
  • Faculty Advisors: Drs. William Macauley, Jr., Maureen McBride, Michael Branch and Chris Earle
SECOND PLACE: Katie Snider
  • Graduate Program: Interdisciplinary Social Psychology
  • Title: Coping with their Child's Incarceration: The Experiences of Parents in the Juvenile Justice System
  • Faculty Advisor: Shawn Marsh
THIRD PLACE: Beatrice Gordon
  • Graduate Program: Graduate Program of Hydrologic Sciences
  • Title: A Socio-Hydrologic Assessment of Agricultural Vulnerability to Changing Snowmelt-Driven Streamflow
  • Faculty Advisor: Dr. Adrian Harpold


Brendan Johnston
  • Graduate Program: English
  • Title:  Epic Materialism: Matter, Culture, and Place in the Modernist Long Poem
  • Faculty Advisor: Dr. Ann Keniston
Mohammad Sadrian
  • Graduate Program: Geological Sciences and Engineering
  • Title: Sometimes it's the Little Things that Count most: Mineral Dust, a Driver of the Earth Climate
  • Faculty Advisor: Dr. Wendy Calvin
Priyamvada Sharma
  • Graduate Program: Civil & Environmental Engineering
  • Title: What Goes Around Comes Around: Drugs in our Food?
  • Faculty Advisor: Dr. David Hanigan
Asif Siddiqui
  • Graduate Program: Political Science
  • Title:  The Fraying American Social Contract: The Politics and Budgeting of the Global War on Terror
  • Faculty Advisor: Dr. Susanne Martin

Patricia Berninsone People's Choice Award

Anjana Parandhaman
  • Graduate Program: Ecology Evolution and Conservation Biology
  • Title: Slow and Steady Wins the Race?
  • Faculty Advisor: Dr. Kenneth Nussear

Master's category


FIRST PLACE: Sarah Shapley
  • Graduate Program: Geology
  • Title: Fluid Inclusions and the Origin of Carlin-Style Deposits
  • Faculty Advisor:  Dr. John Muntean
SECOND PLACE: Samuel Cartwright
  • Graduate Program: Geological Sciences & Engineering
  • Title: Reading the Icy Pages of Mars Climate History
  • Faculty Advisor: Dr. Wendy Calvin
THIRD PLACE: Alexis Tudor
  • Graduate Program: Computer Science & Engineering
  • Title: Tick Marks on the Intergalactic Wall: Measuring the Flux of Stars
  • Faculty Advisors: Drs. Sergiu Dascalu and Richard Plotkin


Timothy Hannon
  • Graduate Program: Judicial Studies
  • Title: Asteroid Mining and the future of Space Law
  • Faculty Advisor: Dr. David Tanenhaus 
Haden Kingrey
  • Graduate Program: Anthropology
  • Title: Protein Residue and Starch Grain Analysis of Early Holocene Groundstone from the Northern Great Basin
  • Faculty Advisor: Dr. Geoffrey Smith
Brittany McAllister
  • Graduate Program: Philosophy
  • Title: Relational Autonomy
  • Faculty Advisor: Dr. Christopher Williams
Nazli Mohammad
  • Graduate Program: Business
  • Title: The Power of Trust
  • Faculty Advisor: Dr. Yvonne Stedham
Erin Smith
  • Graduate Program: Agriculture, Veterinary & Rangeland Sciences
  • Title: Growing Sorghum in Nevada: Using Modern Technology to Study an Ancient Grain
  • Faculty Advisor: Dr. Robert Washington-Allen

Undergraduate honor's thesis category (non-competitive)


Lily Liu
  • Major: Biology
  • Title: YPEL3: Important for Synaptic Development?
  • Faculty Advisor: Dr. Jung Hwan Kim
Moriah Martinez
  • Major: Integrated Elementary Education
  • Title: Students’ Eyewitness Accounts of Nazi Governed Schools
  • Faculty Advisor: Dr. John Marini