Graduate Board of Anthropology Students

The Graduate Board of Anthropology Students (BOASgrad) is a student-led organization that serves the academic needs of all graduate students in the Department of Anthropology. It fosters both the academic and personal success of students by providing representation within the department, organizing lectures and writing workshops, and offering opportunities for student publication. If you are interested in becoming a member, or have questions, please email the BOASgrad club.


Club officers are voted in by the members in March and serve a term one academic year (the subsequent fall and spring semesters). Members will not be restricted in the number of terms they may serve in any one office.

BOASgrad committees

All students are welcome to join any of our committees.

Journal Editing Committee: The journal editing committee peer reviews articles submitted to the BOASgrad journal. The committee is also responsible for controlling the content and layout of the journal, including scope and requirements for submission.

Funding Committee: The funding committee manages any and all funding received from the graduate student association, searches for outside sources of funding, provides funding opportunities to students when possible and makes members aware of applicable outside funding sources.

Professionalism Committee: The professionalism committee will offer seminars and workshops designed to help students improve their writing skills and make themselves competitive in their respective job markets. The committee will organize opportunities for students to peer review each other's work and to present their work in a conference setting.

Lecture Committee: The lecture committee is tasked with seeking out and securing lecturers that will be of interest to anthropology graduate students. This will include assisting in the orchestration of the anthropology department's ongoing series of brown-bag lectures, as well as one or two larger public lectures per academic year.

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