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Staff, faculty, fellow students, and the broader Nevada community are ready to support you as an undergraduate student and lifelong learner in the College of Education and Human Development.

Practicum and Internship

New Student FAQ

  • Our Programs
    • Teacher Education
      • Integrated Elementary Teaching Program (IETP) Bachelor of Science degree for Kindergarten through 8th grade, focusing on all subject areas. IETP students also select one or more specialty endorsement areas) of Early Childhood Education (ECE), Special Education (SPE) or English Language Acquisition & Development (ELAD).
      • PackTeach Dual degree programs to prepare humanities and social studies content area teachers for 7th through 12th Students will be enrolled in both the College of Education & Human Development and in the college offering their content area degree. Options include English, History, Political Science, and Spanish, with more program options on the way.
      • NevadaTeach Dual degree programs to prepare science and mathematics content area teachers for grades 7 through 12. Students will be enrolled in both the College of Education & Human Development and in the college offering their content area degree. Options include Agricultural Sciences, Atmospheric Sciences, Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Sciences, Geography, Mathematics, and Physics.
    • Human Development & Family Studies (HDFS) - HDFS is an academic program for those that have an interest in working with children, adolescents, and families outside of the school-based instructional settings. This is a non-teaching licensure program that prepares graduates to enter a variety of fields including social services, non-profit, family law and juvenile justice, among many other educational settings.
  • Choosing a Program

    While many students enter the College of Education & Human Development knowing exactly which major they plan to pursue, it is also possible to enter as a pre-education major and determine a specific emphasis or content area following your first few semesters in the College, after you’ve had a chance to do a little exploration. Our academic advisors are always available to discuss program planning decisions and excited to help you figure out what path may be the best fit for you in support of your personal and career goals.

  • Exploring Classes

    One of the most exciting parts of starting college is thinking about the types of classes you might take in your academic program of choice. We encourage you to spend time exploring the Course Catalog to see all of the classes offered in the College of Education & Human Development and within the University at large. The Class Schedule for each semester will provide meeting times and days for courses offered in a particular semester.

  • Enrolling in Classes

    For your first semester in the college, our academic advisors will enroll you in classes that will get you started in meeting requirements for the program declared when you applied to the University. These placements will be based on your ACT/SAT test scores, AP/IB credits, major requirements, your preferences (when applicable), and any other transfer credits you may have received prior to starting with us at University of Nevada, Reno. When you join us for Orientation, there will be an opportunity to talk through your schedule and see if any adjustments should be made. In subsequent semesters, you will meet with your academic advisor to assist you in determining class options for the next semester before being able to enroll yourself in classes. Please ensure that any exam records and/or transcripts from other colleges are sent to Admissions in order to ensure you are receiving as much credit for past work as possible.

  • Transferring into the College of Education

    We enthusiastically welcome transfer students and want to work with you to ensure your transition into our programs is as successful as possible. In order to support you, an academic advisor will meet with you before you are able to enroll in classes to determine what courses are the best fit to continue your progress toward a degree. These meetings require access to your past transcripts, so please bring those with you if you’ve not already submitted to the Admission and Records office. Please contact our office to schedule an advising appointment.

  • Teacher Education Program Application

    For students working toward their degrees in our teacher education programs (IETP, PackTeach, and NevadaTeach), you will start your time with us as a pre-education major, earning credits in classes and exploring the decision to pursue teacher licensure. Applications that demonstrate a solid academic record and commitment to the teaching profession are required to be admitted into these teacher education programs following completion of your pre-education classes. Our academic advisors will work closely with you in your time here to ensure you are on track to apply and be successful in gaining admission to the teacher education program of your choice.