Shamik Sengupta

Shamik Sengupta

Professor; Ralph E. and Rose A. Hoeper Professor; Executive Director, Cybersecurity Center

Prospective students

Graduate students/undergraduate students with a high motivation for research and a strong mathematical background and/or a strong systems development background are always welcome to apply.

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Research interests

Wireless networking  and mobile computing

  • Unmanned Autonomous Systems
  • Cognitive radio
  • Dynamic spectrum access (DSA)
  • D2D communications
  • Interoperable networks
  • Testbed implementation
  • Network design and performance analysis
  • Cross-layer protocol optimization
  • Wireless mobile mesh
  • Sensor networks


  • Security and privacy in cybersecurity information exchange
  • Game theory in cybersecurity
  • Machine learning in cybersecurity
  • Network security
  • Covert communications
  • Malicious node sensing/detection
  • Anomaly detection
  • Honeypot
  • Spectrum fingerprinting
  • Anti-jamming mechanism design
  • UAV security

Interdisciplinary Research

  • Applied game theory
  • Evolutionary game theory
  • Economic theory
  • Probability
  • Stochastic process
  • Anthropology & human-society inspired evolutionary models
  • Behavioral dynamics